I'm Teaching at Urban Spools In Dallas, Y'all!

Can't. Even.

Ok, sooooo backstory on this...

My BFFs moved to Texas last summer (Still not over it. Makes my heart hurt.) and I now need any and every excuse to go see their precious faces and just be in the same room with them. 

And I think - hey! Maybe I'll see if one of the shops down there might wanna have a playdate wif me.
So I emailed Urban Spools.
And they were like UH, YES!

And then guess what happened?
The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild was like HEY - come play with us, too!
Well heck yeah I can!

And then - smack my hiney - the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild came a callin'!
And I was like, UH, YES!

So, my lovlies, I'll be in DFW for the
  FWMQG meeting on July 16 
 for a trunk show and quilty conversation
 and at 
Urban Spools on July 18 
for a New York Beauty class, using the pattern for this lovely lady from my book
  Modern Designs For Classic Quilts

Midtown Girl. My quilting opus. Paper piecing and curved seams, people.  Who's up to the challenge?!

Dallas Modern Quilt Guild? I'll see you peeps in the fall! Date TBD....


Crafts and Cocktails - The Rebel Way

I've got a cute little project in this issue of the Whipper Crafter, people. 

That kite pillow up there? Yeah. I made that.

And there are so many great projects in each and every issue - stuff you WANNA make. In this issue there's a darling sea glass inspired bracelet I most definitely will be making.

And a very gifted mixologist and one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Michael Starkey, shares some of his favorite cocktail recipes.

How many crafting magazines have a cocktail recipe in them, pray tell?

Go check it out, my lovlies.


I'm Teaching at Sew To Speak!

Stupid excited about this, people.

I'm teaching at Sew To Speak!
 If you're near the Columbus, Ohio area and wanna come play with me on February 8, visit STS's website to sign up for my class!
There are only a few spots left - so HURRY!

We'll be learning how to make one of my all-time fave quilts - In the Clouds.
 AAAAAND - the price of the class includes the book Modern Designs For Classic Quilts

In the Clouds - Andie Johnson


Craftsy November Mystery Quilt Launch!

Today is the first day you all can see the entire Craftsy quilt!
 I love love love these giant stars - they make me soooo happy.
And y'all know I'm a sucker for a classic quilt block.

I'm crazy-obsessed with the golds in these fabrics. 
That Kona yarrow is killin' me!!

And one of my most favorite parts of this quilt is the little pop of aqua in the binding. Love that unexpected touch.

This quilt is deceptively easy - it's made almost entirely of Half Square Triangles that are made with a quick-sew method. Don't you just love that? Huge eye candy factor with a lazy quilter's approach. Win!

Click on the pic to go to Craftsy to get your kit and pattern.
Right now. 
Do It.


Join My Craftsy Workshop!

Can't tell you what it is yet, but you can visit the CRAFTSY website for a peek!

This workshop goes live on November 2 and there are still a few kits left.

I promise we'll have fun!


What Does Pat Bravo Think of MDCQ?

Pat Bravo - a dynamo of a woman in a tiny little package - finally, finally reviewed our book Modern Designs For Classic Quilts.  She's got some sweet things to say about the book and some general praising of Kelly and me that, quite frankly, I'm not at all embarrassed to brag about. Actually, I'm eating it up.

Kelly and Me meeting Pat at Quilt Market 2012

For those of you who don't know Pat, she's an energetic South American quilter who decided to start her own fabric company. She started designing fabrics for herself and was quickly encouraged by her quilting friends to market those fabrics to other quilters and thus, Art Gallery Fabrics was born. She employs an army of dark-haired beauties and is joined by her sweet and jolly husband Walter as her partner. She has also hired prominent quilters and surface designers to design fabric lines, all of which have been wildly successful.


Smack-My-Hiney Fantastic - Big News Today

Well, I've kept this on the DL since May, but it's time to SCREAM this at the top of my freaking lungs!!

Have a workshop
(I just screamed that in my head as I typed, FYI)

Yeah, that's right, uh huh
(insert disco dance here)
I got an email in May and they were like - hey, you wanna do this workshop thing and I was like uh, yes and they were like cool and I was like let's DO this.
So outta my mind excited about this project. I really love how this quilt turned out. But you can't see it yet.

Pop over to to Craftsy now to get the details now!


The WhipperCrafter Has Launched!

You guys!! This is so crazy exciting!
My friends started a craft magazine.
A. Craft. Magazine.
And it launches TODAY!
Can you stand it?!
Who does that?
Who's like - hey, you wanna, like, start a media company and publish a magazine?
These girls:
Shannon, Courtney and Kelly

This trifecta of creativity, brains, and humor can only mean that this venture will be amazing.
I almost can't sit still as I write this, people.
Just so darn proud of them and so so excited about the ovaries (not balls, those things are grody) it took for them to have a vision and bring it to life.
Makes me kinda verklempt, really.

Visit the REBEL CRAFT MEDIA website and get the Halloween issue right now.


Oh How I Love Thee, Essex Linen

Oh Essex Linen, you slay me. Your nubby texture, your sophisticated weave. You're like a warm hug on a cold day. And Kona solids?  Your rainbowliciousness makes my heart go pitter-pat.
This bad boy is done. It's only taken me a year to finish it, but it's no longer staring at me, taunting me with its "just do it already" glare.
 I win this time, Unfinished Project Pile.
So this baby is ready to be quilted! It's a queen size - for my very tall, middle child.
He says, "Ma, make me a bigger one of these:"

And so I did. It's a tad different but basically the same.
And guess what?!
I'm writing the pattern for it and it'll be in my shop for you all to buy!
And the best part?
This pattern makes TWO quilts at the same time.
I know!
It's so cool.
But I digress...
Essex Linen is one of my favorite fabrics to use - especially the yarn dyed. It shrinks like a mutha, so if you plan on using it for a project, but at least a half yard extra.
I just wanns share with you one of my favorite quilts that uses Essex Linen
This was done by my friend Jessica of A Little Gray
Just love this.
The gray is actually called black yarn dyed.
It's delicious.

 Essex Linen - or another linen - in your quilting.
Like? Dislike? 


Sneak Peaky - Part 2

Jenny Pedigo - who is one of the sweetest gals and hardest workers (and model-beautiful)  I know - is my longarm quilter when I need a complex, custom design. She did a few of the quilts in my book and always does a fantastic job. So of course, when I got a huge opportunity to do a pattern and workshop with a well-known company, she is my natural first-choice longarmer.

Again - I'm just not ready to share pictures of the entire quilt, but I can show you some of the detail work Jenny shared this week. The quilt is on its way to me as we speak and I'm so so excited to see it!

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