Class at Silk Road

I taught a class at Silk Road Textiles in Cincinnati in February and I had such a great time with the ladies. Really fun group of quilters! We learned the spider web block from the Effie's Web quilt and I just get so dang excited to see how others re-create a block in their own colors.

Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself when I'm teaching a class - I just feel so blessed to spend time with other quilters....and get paid for it. Crazy.


Granny's Broken Stars

So these are the unfinished blocks that my grandmother made in the early 1940s. Some of these blocks are, um, not exactly square. But I have ideas. Oh yes, I have ideas. Not sure which one is my favorite - I think the green and orange one is my fave.


Grandma's Quilts

I would have shared this news sooner, but honestly - I really had no idea how to write about it. Words fail me, even weeks later, to convey....well...everything about this.
My aunt Judy sent me a package that contained 3 unfinished quilt tops and 2 sets of unfinished quilt blocks.
They've been in storage for 30+ years.
They were my grandmother's.

My aunt told me they were either made by my grandmother or my great-grandmother Molly in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

I had no idea these existed. My grandmother was a prolific crocheter and I knew she sewed in her early years, but I didn't know she tried her hand at quilting. She passed away in 2007. I miss her everyday.

I really want to finish them. I'm not sure how to finish the top one - maybe a blue border? And the  Dresden Plates I think I'm going to set on point and do a really thin sashing in a 30s reproduction. And the Yellow Album quilt is missing one of the end borders, which might require some creative planning to finish that one. I might just finish it as is and call it a day.

Hmmm. Just not sure.

Any ideas?


Girls' Trip To Nashville

I got a chance to get together with some of my closest high school friends a few weeks ago. We met in Nashville, where my friend Lori lives.
From left to right: Kerry, Lori, Ali, me Kathy and Jody is in front.
 At Gray's Pharmacy, having very hoity toity cocktails.

These ladies are 40. You believe that?


We went honky tonkin' at Tootsie's, spent the day hanging out and snacking/drinking, went shopping in Franklin (and spotted a few celebrities), laughed and laughed, drank wine, drank more wine and had some heavy, but neccessary, conversations about life, love and letting go of some of our garbage from the past.

Everyone is coming home to Cincy this summer to get together again. Can't wait to see all of them again!


Hot Mess

My name is Andie.
I have an annoying habit.
My habit might involve a plate with too much stuff on it.
My plate is habitually full.
When my plate is empty,
I feel guilty.
When I feel guilty, I load my plate with stuff.
And then I become a hag who drinks "coffee" so I don't punch people,
because I can't manage the stuff on my plate.
That is all.
Carry on.


College Bound

My son's girlfriend just signed her letter of intent to play soccer for Cleveland State University beginning in the fall. So, I made her these sweatpants from some green Oakshott and Denyse Schmidt floral fabric on store-bought black fleece pants. I used a font from MS Word and printed out the letters, using just the outline option so as not to waste ink, at size 300. Getting the letter sizes just right may take some tinkering, so as I always say - practice first!

If you want to know how to applique these letters to an item you've puchased, visit my machine applique tutorial~ just make sure to reverse the letters when tracing them sonto the HNB paper so they're facing the right way when you cut them out.


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Quilt

I had the great privilege of making the quilt block that represents the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute for Cincy Children's collaborative quilt. Although the block was set with the wrong end up (even though I labeled it profusely with "this end up" arrows!!), it still looks kinda cute.  All units and departments were invited to make a block and I, of course, volunteered to make the one for the BMT (I work there part-time).

I used the pink ribbon paper-piecing template from Carol Doak to make the green ribbon that represents transplants. I free-hand drew the letters from some scraps and used double-sided fusible interfacing to attach them to the block. I then did a simple zig zag around them and added a border around everything. It was an easy and satisfying project!

This quilt hangs outside of the Sabin Auditorium (named after CCHMC physician Albert Sabin, who developed the polio vaccine). It's a very cheerful and lovely collaboration. And it's HUGE!


I'm Goin' to Denver, Yo.

I'll be teaching and lecturing with the Arapahoe County Quilters in Denver on March 13 and 14, 2014!

On Thursday March 13, I'll be doing a trunk show of my quilts from the book as well as a few others I've made and lecturing on the Modern Quilt Aesthetic and scrap management.

Then on Friday, March 14 I'll be running a workshop on Effie's Web:

All are welcome to attend one or both of these events. Visit www.acqcolorado.org for more info on how to register!


Finishing a Vintage Treasure

I found this gorgeous vintage unfinished
 hexie quilt top at an antique mall near my house. It was $40. I'm in LOVE with the aqua background and I could just eat those yummy little red center pieces.  I purchased this over a year ago and it's been sitting in my UFO pile begging to be finished.  The problem was - I just couldn't decide how to finish it.  Should I try and match the aqua fabric and finish out the background in hexies?  Or do I just trim it, square it, add a wide border and quilt it?  

In the end I decided to square it and add a border - basically because I'm kinda lazy.  I used some vintage fabric that I found in an antique shop in Chicago. I'm not loving it at this stage, but I'm fairly certain that with some quilting and some bright red polka dot binding that this beauty will shine.

While I was trimming, I managed to keep a few of the flowers intact. I plan on making a pillow from this one. I'm almost done with it - will share pics of it when I'm done!


Workin It

Let's just be honest here, people.

Recently, my blogging has been, well, kinda sucky.
I have no excuse.

I haven't been sewing that much and until recently, I've been fairly bored with myself, so why on God's green earth would you be interested in reading about what I'm NOT sewing or what I made for dinner last night?

But, there's been a shift lately. Not sure if it's my new meds {"better living through chemistry" - my therapist}or the fact that I'm training for....wait for it....

A. Half. Marathon.

Because I have no good reason not to.
I've been peer pressured into it.

And thank goodness for it! My fit friends decided to do the Nashville Marathon in April and asked if I wanted to do it too.
Huh? Like, 26.2 miles?
Um, no thanks.
But I could do a half marathon. Especially in Nashville.

So I'm now in week 5 of training and the marathon is 21 weeks away. And shockingly, I actually enjoy the training. I've never been a runner, don't really like to run, but have always aspired to be one. I've found a few things to keep me motivated:

1. Endorphins. Me like 'em.
2. Running gear. A cute outfit, especially when torturing yourself, is essential.
3. A great playlist. I imagine myself in a Nike ad when I run and listen to The Black Keys.
4. Friends who text-shame me if I don't workout.

So, with this new activity, I've had a surge of energy and creativity - a welcome break from the monotony that can be my life. I've got some things in the works and I'm excited to get sewing on them.

 What I imagine I look like when I run.              What I really look like.

But for now, the rest of week 5 awaits me.

I've started a new fitness board on Pinterest. Check it out!

I promise my blogging will be better. I actually have to tell you about, so....
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