Free Mini Quilt Pattern Download!

I've collaborated with

for the 

to bring you a FREE Mini Quilt Pattern!

Desert Star
using the BROOK Bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics.

This mini quilt is a snap to make - a quick sew HST method will get this baby together in a flash.
And if you wanna make a bunch of these and make a bigger project....
it's easily translated into a twin or full size quilt.

Go download this pattern today at RJRfabrics.com 
and check out all the goodies Brenda and her team at 


Andie Gets to Review a Stash Builder Box

Sometimes I get emails from companies asking me to let them send me free crap and then review it on my blog.
Most of the time I don't even open the email.

But the one I got from Amanda at Stash Builder Box got opened.

Amanda asked if she could send me a box. 
And there's a story with these boxes. She wrote:
I’m Amanda Kelly, the owner of Stash Builder Box . We are a monthly quilting subscription box that with a cause. Our monthly box is made up of fabric, patterns, notions and more, meanwhile 20% of the proceeds from every single box sale goes toward making a quilt for a child in need. 
I'm like - Uh, yes. I'm in.
And I got the box last week.

Smitten, people.  
I'm smitten with this thing.

Come with me, my lovlies, as I walk you thru opening this goody box....

This is what it looks like when it arrives.  

Open this baby...and mmmmm yes. Sewing stuffs. 

Are you kidding me?!
2 darling patterns 
3 ART GALLERY FABRIC fat quarters 
(I freaking love AGF. Soooo silky)
Aurifil thread 
 Sample size of SOAK, 
a cute mini badge pin and a pencil that says Stitchers Gonna Stitch.
And my fave...a handy mini notebook with vintage clothing pattern cover!

A detailed description of everything in the box.

You can subscribe for the monthly service (which is $23.99/month.)
Or you can one-time shop the items that have been featured in the box. (They have a Scrap Bag for $5, and if you've spent anytime on my blog, y'all know how much I likey the scraps.)

Subscriptions come in Month-to-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month and 12-Month packages. 

So how do I feel about this endeavor?
Well, I think if you're someone who shops for sewing and quilting items on a very regular basis, then this is a must for you. It would be like getting a gift every month! 

And I'm all about supporting women-owned businesses.

I say at the very least do the 3-Month and see if you like it. If you don't think it's a good value for you - you're done. If you love it, keep going.

The other cool thing...if you don't love everything you get in the box, you can always give the items as gifts to other quilters. How many swaps and exchanges are we all involved in that we end up buying little knicknacks to give away with whatever we make? 

I say check it out, people. Give it a shot.
 It's $24 - I can spend that on chai lattes and gum in a month.

I'll be posting what I make from those darling patterns next week. Stay tuned!


New Pillow Pattern! Perfect for Spring!

Can you stand it?! 

Rainbowlicious Spring-y happiness on a pillow.
So stinkin' cute.

Go git you some in my Etsy shop.
And it's only $6, people. Total bargain.

I made this project almost completely from my scraps.

If you're the super-creative kind, you could use this pattern to make, oh I don't know, say a reverse raw-edge applique t-shirt for your favorite toddler or kiddo. 
Just sayin'.


Free Shipping for Modern Designs for Classic Quilts in January!

For the entire month of January, people!


Purchase a signed copy of my book from my Etsy shop and I'll send it to you 
fo free.

Treat yo self.

20 patterns in this sucker!

Winter's here, my lovlies - time to hunker down and fire up that sewing machine and bust out yummy projects.

Also - check out the patterns available in my Etsy shop, too! 
More patterns being added soon, too!


A Sad and Happy Story About Quilter Healing

This story's been floating around in my melon for a few weeks - kinda haunting me. 

Let me set the scene for you....

A darling little quilt shop in a darling little town in SE Indiana. I was doing my usual trunk show spiel - talking for an hour about the ideas behind and the process of writing and getting Modern Designs For Classic Quilts published. I really love doing this talk as it's such a fun story to tell and the quilts are yummy and I get to show them off and who doesn't like talking about themselves for an hour?!

I can't tell you everything that's covered in this talk - you gotta either come see my one-woman show or buy the book - but I can tell you I do confess these nuggets:

I'm a lazy quilter. 
I'm not a perfectionist. 
I don't mind unmatched seams in the majority of my projects.
My goal when making most of the projects I make is for function - not for show.

So, yada yada yada I'm rattling on about myself and the projects I made in the book and talking about how Kelly and I are quilting rule breakers....and I see a very quiet woman sitting in the back row, who has been hanging on my every word, start to roll her eyes at some of the stuff I'm saying. Then at one point she literally rolled her eyes, looked up at the gorgeous tin ceiling and just froze there. I'm thinking - WTF? - is she annoyed with me? Is she ill? Does she think I'm one of those "dumb modern quilters?" Am I gonna have a fist-to-cuffs with this gal?

It was a little unnerving, I gotta say. I've had audiences who were thoroughly bored with what I was saying or just didn't get my jokes (i'm hilarious, so whatevs) or maybe took sedatives before they came, but I had never experienced this physical show of...I don't even know what it was...something. It rattled me for a hot sec.

So after I was done talking, I let everyone pet my quilts, which is really just a time for me to soak in the praise and the fan girls and sign my book and get my pic taken so it can be posted on social media. I'm shallow like that.

This gal, who I later find out is named Rhonda, approached me. She says to me:

"Andie...thank you...for saying you're a lazy quilter.  Thank you for talking about embracing imperfection in your projects."

She closed her eyes and hung her head. 
And stood stone still for a good minute.

I'm a hugger. I like hugging. Hugging's my favorite. So I asked her if it was ok to hug her and she nodded yes. I wrapped my arms around her and she stood there, shaking and silent, until she picked up her head and looked me in the eyes and said:

"I'm frozen with fear. Frozen. I can't even pick out fabric anymore for my projects. I want to make my new granddaughter a quilt but I can't even buy the fabric for it because I'm frozen."

And then....she started to verbally vomit what got her to this point.....

She tells the story of being surrounded by hyper-critical quilters who have absolutely torn her projects apart because of imperfect piecing and finishing. Her quilting group is full of perfectionist women who have to have everything matchy-matchy, perfect seams and follow all the "rules" of quilting. She also tells the story of the owner of a large quilt shop in SE Indiana, where Rhonda was a customer, telling her a Jacob's Ladder quilt she made was....wait for it...terrible. (I can completely relate to this as this very thing has happened to me a few times. Not fun.) She was worn down and stuck in a place where the joy and fun of her hobby had become a source of stress and self-doubt. 

I tell ya, my heart broke for this woman.

So, the de-programming started immediately for her. I told her to find new quilting friends. I told her to tell that shop owner to shove it up her rear and never shop there again. I told her it's important to want to do good, skilled work but not at the expense of sucking the joy out of something we love to do. I told her that a quilt made with love that is given with love is the most important and precious act we do as quilters. 

As we talked, her face went from sullen to relieved to smiling. She was on her way to quilting healing. It was truly a joy to facilitate some healing with this woman and I'm so thankful that my quilting story may, in some way, help her write her new quilting story. 

So what's the moral of this tale?
Well, there are several...

For cripes sake, you hateful, sour hags who own quilt shops - stop. being. so MEAN!!!

And you quilters who think that a "perfect" quilt is paramount to the joy the process brings?
 Honey, please. You ain't all that. 

And to all of you quilters who have been beaten down with criticism and rules and expectations and competition and blah blah blah....
stop owning that shit. That's someone else's issue - not yours.

Do this instead:
Buy the fabric you like.
Cut it up and sew it back together however you like.
Tell mean girls to suck it.
Surround yourself with quilters who do these things, too.

Share this story with quilters who are suffering.
And share the gospel of tolerant, loving, embracing, supportive, hold-your-tongue-if-you-think-it's-fugly quilting fellowship.

Love to all of my quilty peeps. 
And I hope you nasty shop owners and mean girls stub your toes.

A scrappy, messy, imperfect quilt I made for one of my closest friends. Love it so.


New York Beauty Class at Dallas' Urban Spools 7/18 - Space still Available!

Hey Dallas / Fort Worth peeps!
Wanna learn how to make this Beauty?

Paper piecing and curved seams - seems like tons of heavy lifting in this pattern, huh?

Listen to me now, hear me later......
You can do this.
If I can do this, so can you.
 I promise promise promise it's not as scary as you think it is.
And I'll help you through it! 

How good will it feel to conquer this thing? 
You'll feel like a freakin' champ.
 Daaaaang I love this quilt.
Love. It.
It's my quilting opus fo shiz.

I love me a New York Beauty quilt. So elegant, so sophisticated. 
And I thought - hey, I'll make one for my book!
And so I did.
Made the template my little ol' self and errything.
Make your version of this sweetheart - I've made ( read: started) several different versions of it.
Even a mini version!

Registration is still open at URBAN SPOOLS - and the book
  Modern Designs for Classic Quilts is included in the deal!

Hurry before this class fills up! 
Come play with me!


Blue and White Cuddle Quilt for my BFF

 Not the greatest pic of this baby, but you get the idea, right?  My girl Wendell loves her some Indianapolis Colts and is, naturally, a fan of blue. I needed a project that would go together quickly as I started this kinda last minute for her birthday. 

I totally improvised this thing - there really wasn't a plan other than use what I had and make big blocks. Strips are 15" long and vary in width. 

I used only fabrics that I had in my stash - strips of scraps, some FQs and yardage as well as dress shirts that I've been hoarding for years that belonged to my husband and boys and a few I picked up at thrift shops for a few pennies. I used 4 different whites for the background, which is one of the best parts of this quilt for me.

 I love love love a scrappy quilt. There's just something so endearing and yummy about using fabrics that were also used in other projects. And I'm a hopeless scrap hoarder. I  keep stuff I have no business keeping - shreds and tiny bits. But if I love a fabric and I can't bear to pitch it, it goes in the scrap bin. There are fabrics in here that are also in quilts from my books, custom quilts for little bambinos from California to New Zealand and projects for people I love. 

I backed it with a navy blue sheet I thrifted for 10 cents and the binding is a scrappy mix of some Art Gallery dots, Cotton and Steel butterflies and men's shirting. Yum.

My salty old man Murphy and his summer perch on my front porch. 
He's a quilt lover, too. 
I'm guessing.  


Beau Nova Quilt Pattern Now Available


I love me a starry quilt, people.

This pattern is deceptively easy, which is the best kind of project.

Would this not look amazing in a low-volume background and yummy florals for the stars?!
Um, yahs.

This quilt measures 65" x 85". Finished block is 18.5"

Go get it:

And for cryin' out loud - send me pics of your final project! You know that makes me giddy.


I'm Teaching at Urban Spools In Dallas, Y'all!

Can't. Even.

Ok, sooooo backstory on this...

My BFFs moved to Texas last summer (Still not over it. Makes my heart hurt.) and I now need any and every excuse to go see their precious faces and just be in the same room with them. 

And I think - hey! Maybe I'll see if one of the shops down there might wanna have a playdate wif me.
So I emailed Urban Spools.
And they were like UH, YES!

And then guess what happened?
The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild was like HEY - come play with us, too!
Well heck yeah I can!

And then - smack my hiney - the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild came a callin'!
And I was like, UH, YES!

So, my lovlies, I'll be in DFW for the
  FWMQG meeting on July 16 
 for a trunk show and quilty conversation
 and at 
Urban Spools on July 18 
for a New York Beauty class, using the pattern for this lovely lady from my book
  Modern Designs For Classic Quilts

Midtown Girl. My quilting opus. Paper piecing and curved seams, people.  Who's up to the challenge?!

Dallas Modern Quilt Guild? I'll see you peeps in the fall! Date TBD....


Crafts and Cocktails - The Rebel Way

I've got a cute little project in this issue of the Whipper Crafter, people. 

That kite pillow up there? Yeah. I made that.

And there are so many great projects in each and every issue - stuff you WANNA make. In this issue there's a darling sea glass inspired bracelet I most definitely will be making.

And a very gifted mixologist and one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Michael Starkey, shares some of his favorite cocktail recipes.

How many crafting magazines have a cocktail recipe in them, pray tell?

Go check it out, my lovlies.

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