Oh How I Love Thee, Essex Linen

Oh Essex Linen, you slay me. Your nubby texture, your sophisticated weave. You're like a warm hug on a cold day. And Kona solids?  Your rainbowliciousness makes my heart go pitter-pat.
This bad boy is done. It's only taken me a year to finish it, but it's no longer staring at me, taunting me with its "just do it already" glare.
 I win this time, Unfinished Project Pile.
So this baby is ready to be quilted! It's a queen size - for my very tall, middle child.
He says, "Ma, make me a bigger one of these:"

And so I did. It's a tad different but basically the same.
And guess what?!
I'm writing the pattern for it and it'll be in my shop for you all to buy!
And the best part?
This pattern makes TWO quilts at the same time.
I know!
It's so cool.
But I digress...
Essex Linen is one of my favorite fabrics to use - especially the yarn dyed. It shrinks like a mutha, so if you plan on using it for a project, but at least a half yard extra.
I just wanns share with you one of my favorite quilts that uses Essex Linen
This was done by my friend Jessica of A Little Gray
Just love this.
The gray is actually called black yarn dyed.
It's delicious.

 Essex Linen - or another linen - in your quilting.
Like? Dislike? 


Sneak Peaky - Part 2

Jenny Pedigo - who is one of the sweetest gals and hardest workers (and model-beautiful)  I know - is my longarm quilter when I need a complex, custom design. She did a few of the quilts in my book and always does a fantastic job. So of course, when I got a huge opportunity to do a pattern and workshop with a well-known company, she is my natural first-choice longarmer.

Again - I'm just not ready to share pictures of the entire quilt, but I can show you some of the detail work Jenny shared this week. The quilt is on its way to me as we speak and I'm so so excited to see it!


What You Watchin' While You Sew?

I'm not really much of a TV/movie watcher while I sew.
 I'm more of a Pandora listener while I stitch - namely Nora Jones (yeeessss) or my current obsession, 70s Lite Rock Radio station.
 America, Kenny Loggins, Van Morrison, Cat Stevens. Christopher Cross
Mmm hmm. That's right.
Love me some Fleetwood Mac.
And sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I get a Doobie Brothers hit.
Makes my day.
But lately, I'm completely into watching movies while I sew.
And not just any movies.

Pride and Predjudice (every version I can find)
Mansfield Park
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Much Ado About Nothing
Young Victoria
Can't get enough.
I think it's also inspiring my next project, but more on that later...
What are y'all watching when you sew?


Sneaky Peaky

So I've got this project I'm working on.
It's pretty awesome.
Like, pretty freaking awesome.
I can't give you a real picture of this quilt top, so I give you a filtered tiny-snippit-shot.

The fabric is Beau Monde from Robert Kaufman.
It's very art deco-y and asian inspired - I just love the blues and gold colors in these prints.
The block is based on the Love In a Mist block, which is one of my faves.

PLEASE go check out my friend Doris' Love in A Mist quilt HERE

So, I need a name for this quilt.
Pick a good one and I'll give you a free copy of the pattern!


Ann Arbor - Here I Come!

I'm teaching at PINK CASTLE FABRICS on Thursday July 31 ! 
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.

I'll be teaching the Meshugana Quilt from my book Modern Designs for Classic Quilts at the very modern and sublime Pink Castle Fabrics in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

There are a few spots left, so sign up today!

I'll also be doing a trunk show at the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild meeting 
on Wednesday night July 30. 

If you've never visited the A2MQG's blog - it's a must. For real.
Tons of eye candy, tons of inspiration.


Baby Quilt Fever

I've got baby quilt fever. Like, real bad.
Not sure why. Maybe it's because my middle child just graduated from high school and I'm feeling like I'm getting old.
I don't need no stinkin' baby!
 The hexie one above I made with the You Hexie Thing template and just raw-edge appliqued the shapes onto a yard of premium muslin. Easy peasy.

This one is is in progress. Boyish, beachy geese against a creamy solid. I think I might back this with a chambray to complete the casual, beachy theme.

And this one - super simple giant 60 degree triangles in a row. Again, easy peasy.
Thank Jesus I'm fixed and can't cook a baby in my oven anymore.
Andie don't need that.
 But I guess I could give them to my friends who've got buns in their ovens.
That's a much better idea.


Teaching at Pink Castle!

I've got a teaching gig at Pink Castle Fabrics in Ann Arbor, MI on July 31.
I'll be teaching a pattern from our book:

I'll also be doing a trunk show at the Ann Arbor MQG meeting on July 30, so come hang out with me!



Class at Silk Road

I taught a class at Silk Road Textiles in Cincinnati in February and I had such a great time with the ladies. Really fun group of quilters! We learned the spider web block from the Effie's Web quilt and I just get so dang excited to see how others re-create a block in their own colors.

Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself when I'm teaching a class - I just feel so blessed to spend time with other quilters....and get paid for it. Crazy.


Granny's Broken Stars

So these are the unfinished blocks that my grandmother made in the early 1940s. Some of these blocks are, um, not exactly square. But I have ideas. Oh yes, I have ideas. Not sure which one is my favorite - I think the green and orange one is my fave.


Grandma's Quilts

I would have shared this news sooner, but honestly - I really had no idea how to write about it. Words fail me, even weeks later, to convey....well...everything about this.
My aunt Judy sent me a package that contained 3 unfinished quilt tops and 2 sets of unfinished quilt blocks.
They've been in storage for 30+ years.
They were my grandmother's.

My aunt told me they were either made by my grandmother or my great-grandmother Molly in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

I had no idea these existed. My grandmother was a prolific crocheter and I knew she sewed in her early years, but I didn't know she tried her hand at quilting. She passed away in 2007. I miss her everyday.

I really want to finish them. I'm not sure how to finish the top one - maybe a blue border? And the  Dresden Plates I think I'm going to set on point and do a really thin sashing in a 30s reproduction. And the Yellow Album quilt is missing one of the end borders, which might require some creative planning to finish that one. I might just finish it as is and call it a day.

Hmmm. Just not sure.

Any ideas?
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