Am I worth the money?

Maybe I have delusions of grandeur. Or maybe I am really as creative and talented as I think I am. I'm truckin along today posting my newest quilt - see photo - and decide to visit one of the local quilt shops as a bit of a field trip/retail therapy break. This is a well-established yarn shop that has recently added fabric. Not sure how I feel about this place as it's a mix of homespun and elitist. Weird.
Anyway, as I'm making chit-chat with one of the sales women there, she asks what I'm making. I say I make baby quilts mostly - I'm loving the vibrant colors and patterns of the fabric out right now - and she asks what kind of block I'm making? Block? I know what a block is, but I stammer around and say that I like the big blocks that really show off the fabric. And she says "oh, that's really popular now - the big blocks."
All of a sudden I'm second-guessing myself. Do I need to have a block in mind when I buy fabric? Am I doing this backwards? I am doing it right? Should I be doing more complicated stuff? I panic a little inside.
So I'm backward and trendy - two things I'd rather not categorize myself as. And so I have to ask myself the question - "is the work I'm doing worth what I'm charging?" Could I be doing more creative and original stuff? Must ponder this...

Pic of quilt I finished last night. I call her Hippie Chic.

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