Must. Have. Sense. Of. Humor.

My fingers aren't working today. I started a giant log cabin quilt that I have loved... until today. I started to quilt it with a ditch stitch and it looks horrible. I'm so frustrated!! I think I'm gonna be spending some time with my seam ripper for the next few days.

We're hosting our sons' hockey team for a team meal tomorrow and I have so much to do. Clean, set tables, shop, cook. And Katie needs new riding boots before tomorrow, which will require a trip to the nearest tack shop which is almost an hour away. Can you feel my anxiety? I'm layin' it on pretty thick.

I'll share a cute photo of new puppy Tatum and our old gal Mazie from this morning. SO cute. And Mazie is such a good big sister.

Off to Costco.

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