Slow go

I've been trying to set up an account on Etsy for the last few days and have finally listed a quilt I recently finished. It's been slow going because I don't have a great computer and I'm not great at using my not-so-great computer - so every time I think I'm getting somewhere, I run into something that takes 30 minutes to figure out. I needed to get a PayPal account - that took all day. I tried to make a banner for Etsy and for this - took me an hour to figure that out, but sadly still haven't figured it out for the blog.
I have so many ideas racing through my head all the time and I can't keep up with them!

One thing I did accomplish - I painted my office/studio/dining room. I plan on a revamp of this room out of necessity, but also, I couldn't stand the color anymore. It was a uterine red. So glad it's gone. Now it's a tranquil "stone manor" khaki. I'll post before and after pics. Don't judge me about my mess. I'm trying to clean it up. Next? New baseboards and window treatments....

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