Stitches and stitches

Hockey is the sport of choice for my boys - all of them. A big portion of our budget goes toward ice fees, equipment, travel and tournament entry fees. And medical care.

Both of the boys have split their chins in the last month - the eldest for the second time last night. It's a bummer that I can't just throw a few stitches in there - cause I know I can sew the heck out of just about anything. I contemplate what kind of stitch I'd use: blanket - for a homespun look, french knot- for a sophisticated quality, maybe a slip stitch for durability. I'm thinking a heavy-duty polyester in red (school color). Finish it off with a bit of anti-biotic ointment and send 'em back out onto the ice. And my boys would let me do it, too. They trust me and my skills. Just not sure how I'd numb the area. Or knock them out....

It's funny - I know a surgeon who says that surgery is a lot like arts and crafts. Cutting and sewing and tucking and pinning and stretching and trimming. I think I might make a good surgeon - if only there weren't actual people and bodies involved.

I've currently got 3 quilts that are pieced and ready to be quilted. Thinking of taking them to a local shop and letting someone else do it. Maybe. My least favorite part of quilting is quilting. Funny, huh?

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