Get my head out of my rear

I'm such an idiot. I take Tara's advice and start actually leaving comments on my favorite blogs instead of just stalking them. So I leave a few for my favorites -Bonnie at Quiltville, Heather Bailey, Film in the Fridge and, of course my crush, Tara- and leave witty, cute little blurbs about whatever. And I sign them "andiejohnsonsews.blogger.com". I'M SUCH an IDIOT!!

My blog is andiejohnsonsews.blogspot.com! I'm leaving these comments and trying to connect with these amazing, creative women by kind of sort of inviting them to visit my blog - only I give them the WRONG address! Oh, man. What the heck? Feeling a bit stupid, I press on.

I finished the dress for Emma. Julie and Emma were excited to have a dress that fit. I'm so glad it worked out - feels so good to help out a friend and score points with one of my favorite tween girls.

My daughter rides horses and the barn where she takes lessons is a special place. It's beautiful and gentle and kind - everyone and everything there is polished and sweet and approachable. Nothing stuffy or uptight. I've seen my fair share of stables that are a little too impressed with themselves and therefore suck the joy from riding and caring for horses. I'm thinking of making some saddle pads from my leftover fabrics and donating them to the barn for the lesson horses. Two things I love - sewing and horses. Will look for pattern on internet.

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