Heating Pad Cover to the rescue

I have Denyse Schmidt's Quilts book and have completed one of the many I plan on doing in the book. I just finished - last night - the heating pad cover. It is so adorable! I used a leftover wonky block I had made for another project and backed it with some Ikea fabric I had and - voila - something practical that's also pretty!

I'm very thankful for the practical use of this item. You see, I went Spinning yesterday for the first time. My good friend Lynn talked me into it. I had severe SpinPhobia. The pounding music pouring out of the Spin studio (an all-black room with black lights) and the participants stumbling out post-workout with crimson faces dripping with sweat was a tad intimidating. I'm a yoga-kind-of-girl. Gentle, calm, slow. But I went cause I'm in the mood to push myself these days to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

Well, I'm uncomfortable today. This pretty little heating pad cover stuffed with a heating pad are, thankfully, sitting underneath my hiney as I write. Lynn warned me I'd be sore. I foolishly thought it would be my legs.....

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