Anyone.... Anyone?

Ben Stein, economist and actor, is best known for his portrayal of an intensely boring government teacher who tries very hard to engage his students by stating a fact and expecting someone - anyone - to finish his sentence. Classic movie, classic scene.

"Anyone? Anyone?"

Feeling a little like Ben today. Need someone to finish one of my posts with a comment. Just let me know you're paying attention, you're enjoying/not enjoying my opining.

Had our first Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild meeting today. Somehow I became the vice-president. Very great group of ladies came today to begin friendships and inspire each other. SO exciting!


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited about our group. Thank you for volunteering to be vp. You'll be great!

  2. Where is this new guild located? I am north of Cincinnati, and would be interested. I am enjoying your blog.

  3. ::waves all the way from Portland::


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