Quilted Note Cards - so country chic

I'm obsessed with Denyce Schmidt's modern quilting aesthetic. I'm very drawn to the clean lines and the simplicity of her designs. I bought her book several months ago and have done a few projects. I saw the note cards she had done in there and didn't really think too much of it since I consider that a "craft" and and I'm not a crafter - I'm a quilter.

Fast forward to the other day. I got a birthday card in the mail from my aunt who lives on Anna Maria Island - she is incredibly artistic and never fails to put a personal and creative spin on even small things like cards. One year for Christmas, she sanded, polished and then painted a Santa on a tropical seed pod. She then painted my address on the front and slapped a stamp on it and put it in the mail! And the card I got the other day was hand-painted watercolor red tulips. Beautiful. And so personal and special.

Birthday card and Christmas "card" from Aunt Judy

So, I think, how can I put my personal touch on a card like that? Flashback to note cards in Schmidt's book. Perfect.
I made a few and LOVE them!! Love them! I mean, I love them! So easy, so cute, and I can use my scraps. Clean, simple and from my heart.

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