Quilted Note Cards - Method 2

As with method 1, you will need note cards and envelopes, thread and scrap strips of fabric no less than 1/2 inch wide. Method 2 uses a glue stick - any glue stick will do.

Place the note card inside facing down and the outside fold and front of card facing up. Lay out your strips how you'd like them to look. Notice that I overlapped them kind of randomly. The yellow stripe is the first one down, then the blue and the pink and white floral wreaths next to it, then the purple plaid and lastly the pink stripe floral on the far left. There are no rules here - lay them down in any order with or without raw edges showing. You can use 5 strips or 2 strips - it's totally up to you.

With the strips in place, begin to glue them down in the order that you placed them (mine was yellow, blue, pink floral wreaths, purple, pink stripe). It's more important to glue the edges than getting the middle.

After all strips are glued down - now we sew them on.

In Denyse Schmidt's book, she uses a large zig-zag pattern of stitching. I prefer a straight line right down the edges of the fabric. Again, you can do loop-d-loops, zig zag stitch, blanket stitch - whatever you like. I sew down the strips as close to the edge as I can get.

Strips sewn on note card. Trim around edges with a straight edge and a rotary cutter.

When trimming around the folded edge - CLOSE the card and turn it over so that the back of the closed card is facing up. With a straight edge, cut with a rotary cutter as close to the folded edge without touching it. WARNING! If you cut/nick the folded edge - your card is ruined. You may be able to salvage it by turning it into a postcard, but be very careful when doing this step!

This is the inside of the card. Not my best sewing.

Finished product! Don't forget to sign your initials on the inside front or on the back!

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