Monogrammed Towel a Hit

It's not very often that I make something that I feel like I just have to show it off. I'm kind of private about my sewing with my friends and family. I realized this fact just recently.

When I joined our Cincy Modern Quilt Guild, I didn't realize just how much I needed a community of friends who sew. These women love what I love - fabric, quilts, handmade bags and clothing, quilting books. I had never really been able to discuss my hobby with anyone close to me before. Although my friends and family have known that I sew and appreciate that I can "make things", I have never been able to swap sewing tips or fabric shop finds or cute patterns with anyone. I didn't know that I craved that relationship until I got it. And when I did - I almost shook with joy.

So, this past weekend my daughter had a huge swim meet and I had been playing around with an idea that I got from my quilting friend Heather Jones of Olive and Ollie - a monogrammed towel. I found a large navy blue bath sheet on sale at my local Kohls and found a scrap of yummy lime green polka dot fabric (blue and green are the team colors), some Heat'N'Bond and a scrap of stabilizer and set about teaching myself how to zigzag this thing on. With Heather's encouragement, I dove in.

I have to say - it's dang cute. And when I took it to the meet the next day - I showed it off to everyone sitting around me and a few passers-by. I was so excited that I had executed this project that I just had to share it.

And then .....music to my ears....I heard the question..."Do you sell those?"

I do now. Will that be cash or charge?

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  1. Great job, Andi! You should definitely sell them!


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