New quilt - new idea every 10 minutes

As a quilt maker, I have a secret shame:

I avoid the math like it's gonorrhea.

I dislike math intensely - it makes me sweat. So, when I'm making or planning a quilt, I either use a pattern or I wing it. And by winging it, I mean I decide kind of in the beginning what I would like to make and then edit it as I go, tweaking the design and scratching my head the whole way.

I recently started a quilt that I want to make using 2 packs of charms that I bought about 2 years ago. I have changed the idea for this quilt like 20 times, but I think I've settled on what I want to do.

I hope I can pull this one off cause what I see in my head for this thing is exactly what I like: clean lines, simple with pops of color that are bright and very artfully placed.

Here's a sneak peak at what I have so far....

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