Back to School - Back to Life

Back of Giant Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Kiddies are back in school today. Praise God. Actually, I miss them when they're not here. Sappy, but true. I am the mother of 2 high-schoolers and one junior higher. How did this happen? Where did the time go. Feeling a little verklempt. Not. Going. To cry.

So - big sigh - I can get back to my life. Kids are out the door by 7:15am everyday, so I should reasonably be at my sewing machine by 7:30am to tackle all of those unfinished, gridlocked projects that just keep piling up on my sewing table. Too ambitious?

On my list

Finish Chas' quilt (quilt and binding)

Finish brick quilt (border, sandwich, quilt and bind)

Make a pair of flannel jammie pants for Katie (figure out pattern first)

Block exchange quilt (figure out how to finish this or take it apart and start over)

Pour over every post of Red Pepper Quilts blog. Yum.

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