Giant Log Cabin Baby Quilt - finally done!

I got the idea for this quilt from a magazine last year. I love how easy this was and how quickly it came together with huge aesthetic payoff. The polka dots are just delicious and it's very soft and cuddly - the way a handmade baby quilt should be!

I put this top together about a year ago, but when I started quilting it, I didn't like what was going on. I thought I would quilt with a very intricate geometric pattern to emphasize the linear, angular "blocks", but as I began to quilt the middle square, I realized that the polka dots would be kind of stifled if I quilted too much. So, out of frustration, I stopped what I was doing and walked away from it. For a long time.

So fast forward to last week - I got a wild hair and finished this quilt in like 2 hours with very simple, slightly askew blocks of quilting. I used my foot as a guide and did some rough rectangles inside of each block, put on the binding that I had made for it last year and it was done! I love it - I think it's simple and fun and very cheerful.

My cousin Amanda had her first baby last week - uh, a scary 10 weeks premature. I think this will be perfect for her little one. I love giving quilts as baby gifts - something pretty and useful that won't be outgrown in 2 months is very practical, yet from my heart.

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  1. Andie this is great! So bold and simple, very very effective design!
    Cheers, Barbara


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