Baby booties and an American flag. Amen.

Got the pattern for these off of the Michael Miller website. The purple ones are made of a napkin I got from Pier I Imports like 5 years ago. I love the pattern and the fabric is a heavy cotton which translated very well in these shoes. Don't make the mistake of using cheap fabric in these if you decide to make them - they will surely not hold up to the construction or wear and tear. I used a heavy weight fusible interfacing, but am going to experiment with a fusible fleece next time.
I got the idea for these from my quilt guild friend Gilllian. She makes the most amazing little booties that are so polished and professional looking. Check out her Etsy shop.

We're doing a doll quilt swap for CMQG next month. I have so many ideas! Started an American flag quilt last night. It's a liberated flag - the only measuring were the 2" squares I cut out for the blue area. Other than that, I'm liberated in my take on the patriotic mini/doll quilt. Feeling very '40s today - quilting from my stash and feeling very thrifty.

Yesterday I officially became ready for fall. Fall is my favorite season and I love getting back to routine and cooking again. I don't really cook in the summer - I mostly throw things together and combine things from the garden with grilled meats or pastas. But when the air gets a little crisp and the leaves begin to show signs of change, I cook. I cook big. Today though...I cook medium.

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