Easy Saturday so far

I love a day like today - sunny, cool and full of potential. Got up early and dropped off the oldest at a hockey ref clinic and then headed down to Findlay Market with the hubby. 
 Got a coffee, a Belgian waffle AND a Nutella and banana crepe (oh. my. word. were they good)  Then strolled through the handmade soaps, amazing pottery and woven market baskets, gave money to a homeless man who said he needed to buy a beer (we thought the honesty he displayed was kind of refreshing), and bought a mix of meats, veggies and breads that have no real plan of preparation, but rather the luxury of having them on hand when inspiration strikes.

My gardens look so wilted and dry - it's so pitiful looking. But the roses and the potted plants still show signs of beauty and hardiness.  Shot a few pics of my faves.
Some heirloom Tomatoes, Poblanos and A Romaine lettuce from the market

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