Gingher scissor giveaway - Whoo-hoo!

Who needs/wants a pair of GINGHER Knife-Edge Applique scissors? You? You over there? Well, I've got a delicious pair of these babies sittin' right in front of me to give to my new best friend, (insert your name here).

Leave me your pithy, witty, sarcastic or sweet comments and I'll pick my winner (and new BFF) randomly on Friday, October 1!

This is the replacement doll quilt that I started yesterday.  It's a string quilt - I love string quilts, but this one is proving to be a challenge.  I think I made the blocks too big for this application and I'm not sure it's working for me. But, I'll keep putting it together and hope it turns out just as cute as the flag doll quilt that I made last week.


  1. I haven't even started on my doll quilt yet and you have TWO! I would love a new pair of applique shears so I can use them after Heather's demo at the next meeting!

  2. Love the string pieced block--I can't seem to finish a full-sized quilt, so maybe I should start with doll-sized ones! I'd love some applique shears too; I just seem to use my 8" scissors for everything.

  3. Thanks, Liz! These were my first attempts at doll quilts - this type of project SO fits my attention span! Look into "liberated quilting" - an rasy way to just jump into a project with what you've got on hand and easy enough you can finish it in a few days. Thanks for visiting.


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