I Pledge Allegiance to my Liberated Flag

I can't give this away.
My Modern Quilt Guild is doing a doll quilt swap. I made this to give away, but I might need to keep it and frame it as an art piece for my newly decorated living room. Sorry, ladies.

The design of this quilt came from 2 places - London artist Ann Carrington and Liberated Quilting guru Gwen Marston. I saw a series done by Ann a few months ago and just fell in love with the whimsy and her vision of spinning an icon like the American flag into something all her own. And Gwen is so great at what she does - she originated what is now referred to as the "wonky" block with her liberated take on classic, technical quilting elements like log cabins, stars, geese and baskets. I combined the two to make a folky, flawed and fun take on patriotism.

Thank you Ann and Gwen!

I love putting on the binding -something I used to dread because my technique was so awful - and I have a tendency to rush because I get so excited to finish! So....I made a boo-boo on one of the corners. When I was trimming before I folded the binding over, I nipped the corner and cut it right down the middle! I was so mad at myself! But I fixed it, so no worries.

Starting a new doll quilt for the swap. Maybe I should make it in colors I don't like so I'm not inclined to keep that one, too...


  1. Oh I love it! I would've kept that one too. ^^

  2. I'm making another one - I'm thinking of doing an orange and orange, white and aqua one. A wacky spin on a classic. Thanks for visiting!!


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