My blogging pledge

Starting today, I pledge to post at least once a week. Promise.

Today I started a new bible study - The Patriarchs by Beth Moore. Beth is a great storyteller and lover of words and THE Word. She has an amazing ability to stir up passion about God and his love for us - even using the book of Genesis to do it. Genesis...a book I have always considered heavy, wordy, and dare I say, a tad unbelieveable. Was Noah really 600 years old? Don't know, don't care. All I know is it's a great story and I love a great story.

I'm doing this study through our church. The group consists of 7 of my friends from the "014" (45014, that is) and about 8 other women that were randomly assigned to us. We went around the table today and introduced ourselves and I said my usual - "mother of 3, happily married, homemaker" blah, blah, blah. Then I did something I really don't do. I described myself as a quilter and a sewer. The oohs and ahh that followed, mostly from the older ladies in the group, were intoxicating!! Made me a bit giddy.

Like I said before - God has taken a hold of me like never before and I know that part of his plan for me includes finding joy in sewing and quilting...again. What a gift. And it adds to my story.

And I love a great story.

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  1. Hi Andie, I am reading through your postings tonight as I "watch" the news...and stopped excitedly at this one....I've done this study a few years ago and am a big fan of Beth Moore. i commend you for your up front stand. It's going to be fun to get to know you. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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