Death by pumpkin

Is it possible to O.D. on pumpkin?
I'm gonna give it a shot.

I've made 2 batches of pumpkin bread, gorged on pumpkin ice cream, made a batch of chocolate chip pumpkin cookies {thank you Izzy and Ivey} and I'm planning on making a pumpkin cake and maybe a roasted pumpkin soup (I really think my kids will eat it. Repeat 3x and cross fingers.)

My son asked me today "what's with all the pumpkin, Ma?"

Send me your favorite pumpkin recipe!

Oh! I almost forgot! pumpkin crunch - will make that for the YoungLife dinner on Monday!!


  1. YUM!!! I keep thinking that I need to get to IHOP for their pumpkin pancakes, but I am not sure if they have them yet.

    I have a recipe for a pumpkin dip that you eat with graham cracker sticks. It is divine!! I will have to dig it up! lol

  2. I've had that dip before but have neber gotten the recipe - would love to make it!

  3. I pulled a muffin recipe from Metropolitan Home last month that was delish. Unfortunately child came down with flu after pumpkin pie...might have ruined the short run.


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