Field Trip to the FABRIC SHACK!

So Ralph (see: Ralph and Keep Going post) made a visit this week and he was pretty brutal, but have no fear - I'm getting really good at shoving him out the door and moving on to brighter days.  As a little reward of sorts, I decided to take a field trip to The Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio - about 45 minutes from my house.

Oh man, what a glorious day for a drive!  Here's my photo journal of my trip.  I had such a great time all by myself.

WARNING: I do not suggest driving on the highway and taking photos simultaneously.  This is dangerous.  Why did I do it?  I did it for you.  I risked my life for you.

This is the view from the bridge that spans the Little Miami River.  It's very high and makes my hiney pucker a bit when I drive over it when I'm not taking photos while driving 60MPH, so needless to say, my hiney was clenched pretty good for a minute or two after this.

Johnny Law was out yesterday everywhere!  This is an Ohio State Trooper who had pulled someone over for speeding.  The fact that I took this pic is still cracking me up.

Jonah's Run Baptist Church on the way to Waynesville.

The Renaissance Festival.  Sorry to all of you  who enjoy this activity, but I went once on a field trip with one of my children and it was, without a doubt, one of the longest, most uncomfortable days of my life.

Caesar's Creek Lake

Driving in to the little village of Waynesville

The Fabric Shack front door.

When I walked in, I was immediately overwhelmed.  There are narrow rows of fabric that go on forever in a maze that seemed almost too much to navigate.  I don't know if he's the official greeter, but a very tall and sweet older gentleman greeted everyone and made sure to tell us to get a goodie bag before we left. I turned right into the Moda section - this picture is just a fraction of the Moda fabrics they have.

One of the cutting tables. There's a lot of natural light in the store, which is great.  I love the chatter that goes on in the fabric store - hearing what everyone is working on, why they're making it, who they're making it for - a little glimpse into someone else's motivation and creative process gives me such a tickle.

This picture doesn't do this quilt justice.  What a riot of color and whimsy!

Stacks and stacks of Moda pre-cuts.  Hundreds of them.

I stopped by Lovely's Farmers Market in Springboro on the way home.  I took the long way home - through lower Dayton and down I-75.

One of the $5 caramel apples I bought.  So worth it.

An entire room full of FiestaWear pottery. 

My gourmet lunch

Self-portrait. Wish you could have seen the smile I wore for the rest of the day. And yes - I do need to wax my bushy brows.

The goodie bag I got!  How cool is that?

Got what I needed.  2FQs, 4 yards of premium white muslin, 3 yards of a cream premium muslin, 2 fabrics for bindings and some sale fabric.

The Fabric Shack is a treasure and was exactly what I needed. 


  1. OMG! The Fabric Shack is my favorite place to buy fabric!! I'm so glad you posted pictures of it ... now I can imagine it when I am browsing their site. I love that they always put a little extra something in the package too :)

    If I ever get a chance to drive through Ohio I'm definitely stopping there.

  2. It's like fabric Mecca. Only better.

  3. What a cute little fabric store and wonderful destination! Every Mama Quilter needs some "Me Time" in the stacks... lol. Looks like you picked up some cute fabric and had a great mini fall vacation.

  4. I'm new to the Dayton area (and fairly new to quilting) and have been unimpressed by the quilt shops in the area. Is it worth a drive to the Fabric Shack? I have no idea where Waynesville is but recognized some of the scenery. So tell me...do I need to take a drive?

  5. Autumn - you absolutely must go! Not only is The Fabric Shack amazing, but Waynesville is super-cute, too. Lots of antique stores and a few cafes and art galleries. It's country, but cute. Take I-75 south to route 73 (Springboro/Centerville) and go east. 73 dumps you into Waynesville. Make sure you tell your soldier that the Johnson family from Fairfield appreciates his service and we appreciate your sacrifice as a military wife, too.

  6. Ok! Will pass on to hubs!

    Sounds like I'm taking a trip to Waynesville. My mother is coming in November and she is quite the seamstress so it sounds like a fun day out for us.

    Thanks so much for the info!

  7. dreamy. I love those citron huevos.


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