Help! I have quilter's block block!

I'm conflicted.  Don't know how I feel about how this is coming together.

I got nine 12"x12" liberated log cabin blocks from our Cincy Mod Quilt Guild swap.  I made 3 more for a total of 12 blocks.  I had planned on just piecing them with no sashing and a very minimal binding and then maybe framing it as an art piece to go over my new, bright and already a little dirty white couch in the living room.  Well, here it is pieced together and, while I just love how it looks - I'm not sure if I love, love how it looks.

So I ask you - artists, quilters, knitters, anyone really - should I keep it as it is or should I take it apart and add some white or gray sashing and border?

The idea behind these blocks was a blue-green color pathway with a center piece that is a contrasting color.  Most of us followed directions and some of us didn't know there were directions to follow.  All in all, I love every block that I got and I dearly hope that my quilt gals liked mine.

Gillian's block - my favorite.

One of the extra blocks I made.  I love that paisley print in the center.

Tatum (aka Ting Ting) a tad curious about the photo shoot during her morning playtime.


  1. Andie!!! So great to meet you tonight at the Guild Meeting!!!

    I vote for leaving it as it is! :)

  2. If it were me, I'd pull it all apart and make twelve more blocks so that they had a center square that was either blue, green or one of the other contrasting colors about the same size of the squares in the original blocks. The border on the new blocks would just be a solid wide color like white. ^^

    Course the blocks are really cute so no mater what you do I'm sure it'll be adorable!

  3. How have I never seen this post? love this! What did you end up doing with it?


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