West Side Baby Quilt

 Cincinnati is all about Eastside vs. Westside.  The east side of Cincy is thought of as the snooty side - money.  West side is salt of the earth, blue collar Catholic. Westsiders tend to stay on the west side - they typically grow up there, live either next door to or buy their parent's homes, and then they die there. The Westside has its own dialect - "th" at the beginning of a word is pronounced as a "d" sound.  "The" sounds like "duh" and "there" sounds like "dare". My friend Paul is a former Westsider and his baby sister is having her first baby.  His wife Julie asked me to make a quilt for her.  I feel like I have to tell this story..

Paul's dad is the principal at Elder High School - THE boys' high school on the Westside. He's been the principal there for nearly three decades. Elder's school colors are Royal Purple and White. Purple is a big deal in Paul's family. Everything is purple - clothing, blankets, dishtowels - you name it. Purple.

Then there's the girls' high schools - are you a Mercy girl or are you a Seton girl? Paul's sister went to Seton.  School colors? Kelly green and white. 

In Cincinnati, you are judged by where you went to high school - not college. Catholic?  Country? City? Where you went to high school says a lot about you, a lot about your family. That's the idea anyway. People are very loyal to their high school - usually until death.

So when Julie asked me to make a quilt, she, of course, asked me to customize it a bit.

"Can you put both purple and green in this quilt?  Maybe like the borders or the outer fabric?" (translation: binding)

Um, I guess so. 

These are the blocks so far.  Loving it!  My inner artist is struggling to figure out where to put the purple and green.  Maybe the backing?


  1. What do you think about purple on one side of the back, green on the other, separated by one of those scrappy lines from the front?

  2. I think that might work! Maybe break it up with a little white or gray?

  3. Hey Andie!
    Love the quilt so far - you'll have to bring to guild!

    You mentioned that Paul's sister went to Mercy? Their colors are blue and white - Seton is green and white. It would be quite a Westside faux pas if you put *GASP* green on her quilt in honor of her high school ;)
    Take it from a lifelong westsider :)

    Though, my husband went to Elder - he owns absoultely NO purple and doesn't even like it in the house. We like to go against the grain LOL. To make matters worse, he became a teacher and works in Oak Hills (my alma mater). We're stricly red and black now!

  4. Did I put Mercy? I meant Seton!! Duh! Yeah, I went to HS in neutral territory - north in Wyoming. I'm not completely hip to the ins and outs of Westside-isms.

    That's funny about Elder and your husband! He's the first Elder alum I've met who has shrugged off the Purple Nation pride. I won't tell Mr. Otten...


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