Dreary, rainy, sewing-kind-of-day

Today I'm doing this:

 This is my oldest son's quilt.  He picked out all of the fabrics - all flannels - and I made the binding from scraps. He cut and sewed all of the pieces and I added the border.  Will take pics when I get it done.....

I cleaned out the linen closet yesterday.  I had to - the door wouldn't close due to the pile of fallen towels/sheets/boxes of band-aids on the floor of it.  I pulled this out.  It's the first quilt I ever made.  I got the pattern out of a magazine and stitched it with an old Kenmore sewing machine.  It's falling apart a little, but it's still adorable and very sweet.  I might have to spruce it up a bit.

Back to the binding....


  1. I thought it was an antique quilt...much better than my first quilt! Nice job!

  2. Could you come and clean out my linen closet. It's stacked to the ceiling!

  3. Wow, that's a fantastic first quilt! My first one was all askew.. ditto my second one... and third I'm afraid. You're very talented.

  4. I'm excited to see what he put together!


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