Progress on Stepmonster Chemo Quilt

The pattern for this quilt came from my noggin - totally off the cuff.  I'm sure there was probably an easier and more precise way to have constructed it, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.  It's by no means perfectly straight.  The blocks are a little crooked and some of them are set slightly askew. 

But - funny -I'm totally okay with that.  Usually I'd get frustrated and walk away.  But for this project - it's so much bigger than worrying about perfection.  More on this story at 11.

Next up with this baby - 3"white border, basting and then the coolest of cool purple polka-dotted binding.
Hope to have it done in the next few days.  Really I'd like to have it done for tomorrow night's Cincy MQG meeting.  A little too ambitious of me, I know.

Still trying to decide how to quilt it.  Was thinking pebbles or stippling.


  1. Beautiful! This quilt will be a big comfort while going through chemo with such cheery fabrics. Plus the love you put into it :)

  2. Andie, didn't see a link to an email for you on your blog: so here I am to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post about the Black & White quilt project here in San Diego.

    I love your work, by the way. Would you please email me what fabric line is shown in the block just above your comments section on your most recent post? Is it Kaffe Fassett? Wow, I need to get out and go fabric shopping! By the way, your picture is very nice: you have beautiful eyes.

  3. this looks great! I hope you do bring it to the meeting tonight, finished or not! Also, thanks for the link to that kitchen - amazing!! My to-do list just got that much longer...

  4. this is so cute. i love the blocks and i really think your fabrics are so fun - are they vintage??

  5. AAAACK!!! Kaffe fabric envy alert. I just ordered henna in blue and so went back and forth about this pattern...now I'll have to order it, too Andie. You're a fabric shopping enabler!!! LOVE this top.


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