Incredibly Cute Jennifer Paganelli Tunic!

I sometimes wish that I had a toddler in our house. Just sometimes.  Like when I make cute toddler-sized clothing and I need a model.  This precious little thing would look much better filled with a sweet little rug rat.
This pattern is from Jennifer Paganelli.  Jennifer creates some of the most delicious fabric on the planet!  Her patterns are super-easy and her general style is, well, something to envy.  This is the Sophie Pattern.  It came together very quickly and the directions were very detailed and easy to follow. 

I used a fabric from Art Gallery Fabric - which is lovely.  The weight of this fabric is better suited for warm weather apparel as it's light.  It's super soft and the colors and prints are both romantic and graphic.

Maybe tomorrow I'll steal one of my friends' little ones to model this for me.  Well, not steal. Stealing would indicate the desire to keep said toddler. Borrow maybe.



  1. I have a cute toddler..actually 2 of them..I'd even let you steal them for an afternoon of dress up. Beautiful tunic..beautiful fabric..

  2. Yay for toddler tops!! Funny we both made one this week :) I love the fabric you used and that baby quilt is too cute!!


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