Back to Work

Thank you all for the sweet and loving comments about Mazie.  She was such a special dog. I seem to bounce between a "carry on" attitude and debilitating grief. And it seems to come in waves around every 20 minutes. 

Today, though, I need to get back to some kind of routine if for no other reason than I need the distraction.


My giveaway with Heather was a huge success and I now have a ton of new sewing friends with which to share cool stuff! The winners have been announced on Heather's blog. Click over and see who got what good loot!

I finished this quilt:

 I plan on donating to a project in NYC.  I'm in the "One Block Over Bee" with Victoria of Bumble Beans Inc. and she is very active with a shelter in NYC that needs quilts for their residents.  This quilt was orginally a demo for our Cincy Mod Quilt Guild.  It turned out really cute!  I had to fix it up quite a bit - but I hope to get it shipped out in the next week.  Giving makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! Fabric is a jelly of Sweet by Urban Chicks and the backing is a sheet I got on clearance at TJ Maxx.  Binding is Windham.

And, I sold my Playclothes quilt to a new mommy in Arkansas!  I almost hate to part with it, but knowing that a mama will cuddle her little one and rock him to sleep in it gives me a tickle.

On Saturday, we had a sew-in for CMQG and I got half of the quilting done for my stepmonster's quilt done.  It's coming along. I couldn't decide on how to quilt it, so I went with more of that straight line stuff I love.  I hope to finish it by Friday - binding and all.

Lastly - Stephanie from Sewn Studio, a new fabric and sewing studio here in Cincinnati, gave us a visit at our sew-in and brought goodies to give away!  And lookie-lookie what Andie won:

This FQ bundle is from the Carmen line by Anna Griffin.  The feel and weight of these fabrics are really lovely and the orange prints - well, Andie likey orange.


  1. Glad to see you back... still ((hugs)) for every other 20 minutes. ;^) Adorable little bundle of FQ's!

  2. Great eye candy...but did you really mean to type stepmonster?! We had a great golden that we had to put to sleep 2 years ago....still miss him. Take care.

  3. oooo lovely fabric! so jealous!


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