Polka Dot Heaven

I asked.  And I received.

I was coveting the huge selection of Ta Dot by Michael Miller on the Above All Fabric website a few weeks ago and I had a thought - I need some.  But how can I just pick one or two?

So I emailed Melanie and asked her if she could be sweet-talked into a custom FQ bundle of ALL of the colors available.  She said "heck yeah" and I said "bring it" and she said "you know it!". Well, it kinda happened that way...

And today....ahhh...they arrived.  I ordered them on Sunday night and they got here today.  Awesome customer service! And just look:

Doesn't that just look divine? Like a huge sandwich that I just have to take a bite of!! Put that thing on a plate with some chips and a pickle - hoooo weee!

I'm making a little progress on a few projects and hope to have them quilted and done by Monday.  Our Cincy Modern Quilt Guild has a Sew-In on Saturday and I hope to bust out some stuff all weekend.  I'm also working on tutorials and patterns, so I'm super-busy!! And I'm fighting a cold and have zero energy - ugh.

I'll be featured on Handmade Gift Guide next week - I'll keep you posted!

And - WELCOME to all of my new followers!  I hope I inspire/amuse you and we can get to know each other! 

What's everyone working on?

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  1. Oh, Andie, I am so totally jealous of your right now...


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