Sew Much Show and Tell!

Where do I start?  My mind is going so fast I'm not sure I can keep up with it!

Today I woke up in a wicked bad mood.  The winter gray has already set in here and it affects me just terrible. I decided I'd go do some Xmas shopping for Drama Queen (daughter who's in to musical theatre).  I stopped by the book store, too. 

This was beckoning me on the shelf.  Hello, lover.


Sarah Fielke and Kathy Doughty - um, can we be friends?

Words cannot express the beauty, creativity, craftsmanship, artistry, innovation and inspiration in this book.

This is a must-have book for quilters. Period.

Color, color, color - these chicks aren't afraid of color. And the old-fashioned quality of their quilts - well, there's not a whole lot on the planet that blows my hair back like a traditional-meets-modern quilt. The mix of color and the design of this innovative book...sigh...oh my gosh.  And the tag-team way they wrote this thing.  Great job, ladies. You are now in my mental category with the likes of Kaffe Fassett and Gwen Marston as genius fiber artists. 

And yesterday, this came in the mail:

Destiny Rescue is an Australia-based organization that rescues girls from prostitution in Asia and Africa and then gives them a place to live, job training and schooling. They also teach them how God can rebuild their innocence and trust.  During a youth conference at our church a couple of years ago, DR had a booth set up in the lobby and a big, blue binder of girls that needed sponsorship. I avoided that table for 3 days.  But, on the last day, I felt God telling me it was okay to just go and look. 

As I type this, my heart is racing, the back of my neck is burning and tears are stinging my eyes recalling the feeling I had standing there. It almost knocked me down. Tony, the president of DR, was standing there saying, in his delicious accent, "here, just look through this binder and pick out a little one to sponsor - it's only $36 a month." I almost threw up when I held that book. And then I opened it and I began to sob and shake as I looked through the smiling faces of precious little girls who had been violated and abused. It was almost too much.  I picked out a little girl in pig tails and a pink dress and gave Tony my info and went to my car and sobbed some more.  I prayed, too.

Srey Neath is the little girl we sponsor.  She was sold by her father into a brothel in Thailand when she was 5 years old.  She was rescued 2 years later by DR. She's a fire-cracker, her house mom says, and she's very happy and bright.  Our family gives to this ministry joyfully because I truly believe that only God has enough power, love and grace to restore this adorable and precious little one.

We get letters and pictures from Srey Neath a few times a year and we get to send her trinkets and pictures and letters back.  It is truly one of the dearest and most meaningful things in my life.  Please consider supporting this or similar causes.

And my 17 year old's quilt.  Check out the flannel prints he picked out!!

He cut and pieced the top. I added the border and the binding.  His first class starts at 7am, so afternoon naps are a regular occurance around here.  Cute huh?

And last , but never least, happy Hannukah to my dear Jewish friends!


  1. You know Andie - the more I read your blog the more I realize we have lots in common.

    Have you read "Not For Sale"? Since you are sponsoring your little angel you should - very eye opening. It will give you an even bigger picture as too why your sponsorship is so very very important. Its not overly brutal with the info either.

    (And yes, the son is rather cute!Guess I should make mine a blankie also. It would be cool if he was interested in making his own though....)

  2. Thanks! You made me cry and I hate to cry. One of my kids is giving to a similar organization. It's hard to see such evil in this world. You're right. Only God can make them whole!

  3. Thank you for sharing about Destiny Rescue. I haven't heard of it, but our church had a fall series on the topic of justice. Human slavery is a big issue that many do not know about. I am going to go to the website. Great post.

  4. Those are amazing quilts in that book! They look very time consuming... what a sweet little girl!

  5. The Material Obsession book is on my sidebar as an extraordinary quilting book. I look to it for inspiration frequently. I'm glad you like it too.
    I was very moved by your story about the little girl and I agree. We can all do something to share our fortune with those less lucky.


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