Thrift Store Sweater Upcycled

Dec. 29, 2010: 
Scored 3 wool sweaters {2 wool blend, 1 cashmere} and an orange plaid men's shirt. $20 total
Valley Thrift - Fairfield, Ohio

Sweater 1 - Aqua wool blend in ladies XL. Paid $4.
Washed and dried on high heat. This is what I started with:

Project 1
Neck Cozy

Zig-Zag with a long, wide stitch several layers around the cut edge to create a lacy effect that won't unravel.

Project 2:
Leg warmers!

Turn inside out

Taper the seam a bit to have a straighter tube. Sew with a long stitch, cut excess and then zig-zag over the cut edges with a long, wide stitch.

Zig-Zag with a long, wide stitch over the cut-edge of arm hole to create the same edge of the neck cozy.

Ready for tap class!

More projects with this sweater and the other scored sweaters ~ stay tuned!


  1. OMG! What a great up-cylce and transformation you made! Love both of your projects!!!


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