Making Quilt Lemonade

I've been sewing since I'm 14. I'm 37. So, in the last 23 years, I should have mastered the 1/4" seam AND quilt math, right?

For this month's Block Lotto Chinese Stacked Coin block, the directions were to cut 2.5" strips, attach white pieces to either end, stagger the strips so seams don't match and then sew strips together.  Unfinished block size should be 10.5" squared.

Yeah, uh...

I made 3 of these blocks on Christmas day. I have no idea what I did wrong, but they came up 10" x 12" before trimming! I'm comin' up short on the top and bottom by 1/2 an inch! What the what?

So - I'm making lemonade from my block lemons. I can't use these for the lotto, so I'm gonna make some more that match my flawed ones, sew into a crib-size quilt and then finish it off to sell in my Etsy shop.

Directions called for bright prints - which I have plenty of.  And this is a great scrap-busting block. This block would do well with any combo of colors, solids or prints. This would be a great quilt block for a masculine quilt done in cool solids and gray/black.

 These blocks come together quickly and they're super cute- I should be able to whip this thing out by the end of the week!

Going to attempt more lotto blocks, too.  Hopefully I can shake off the stupid that's causing this sewing failure...


  1. I am such a slacker. Seriously. I'm catching up on your posts today after digging out of holiday hibernation.

    Adorable stash busting block...the pattern has me a little stumped.

    I'm no math whiz, so patience please lol.

    If you're using 2.5" strips, your bottom should be 2.25, middle 3 2" each and top 2.25" showing until you attach the next set.

    Assuming your strips are all equal 2.5" widths, that seems impossible but I did notice they've not been pressed in the photo...maybe pressed they're the full 10.5??

    What the WHAT?? indeed.

  2. A lot of presser feet are not a true 1/4". My Pfaff foot is a hair OVER 1/4". My Juki is very scant. If I start piecing something one 1 machine I stick with that machine because it has cause problems for me in the past since there is a difference. Over a row of 10 or 12 blocks those tiny differences become really noticeable. For piecing where 1/4" matters, I use a 1/4" compensating presser foot. It has a guide bar on the side and it is an *exact* 1/4". You can also buy a magnetic bar which does a similar thing but I think it is worth every penny to get one (and mine came in my machine so I have no idea how much it costs but whatever it costs, it's worth it!)

  3. Mary -
    I used the *exact* 1/4" foot! I think you're right - my seams are uneven. I'm going to try more blocks today, so we'll see... Thanks for the info! And I love your blog - love that Houndstooth quilt - might have to make that...


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