Quilt-Upholstered Wing Back Chair

In the spirit of organizing for the new year - I was pitching {recycling} some old magazines and ran across a Country Living from May, 2006.  I think I saved this particular issue because the photo on the front was so beautiful.

I love the little, green chairs at the table and the white, aqua and red color scheme. Think about it - this magazine is 4 1/2 years old - this room was done way before the aqua/red combo craze hit! And the white pottery collection in the case on the wall -just lovely.

So, before I throw out old magazines, I look through them to see what compelled me to hoard it in the first place.  This issue was just like any other Country Living, which is to say that they make me want to move in to the pages of them and live in the delicious environments that are beautifully photographed. 

But something caught my eye in the front, where all of the furniture and accessory finds are:
Can you stand it?! I mean - doesn't this just wanna make you cry? Look at it!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I went to both of these sites to see if I could find this chair, but no luck.  I'm familiar with Lee Industries because I'm an avid reader of Architectural Digest and many designers use their fabrics. Pine Cone Hill is cute stuff, but geared more toward bed and sleep stuff.

Just thought I'd share. Anyone upholster anything with a quilt?


  1. Funny...I work at Lowe's part time and find myself looking through the Decorating magazines for inspiration on design and the new color combo's. Again..we think alike!

  2. I love how much you love that chair. ^^
    I would think that if you stabilized the quilt top (to keep it from stretching on the bias in any direction) you'd be able to upholster with it no problem.


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