I want

Today I became sick of everything: sick of the two dozen pairs of yoga pants in two dozen different shades of faded black, the clutter in my half-decorated house, my husband's sometimes-reliable "vintage" Land Rover, the winter blah...all of it.  
What I'm craving right now:

"I want to go there."

-Liz Lemon

L.A.M.B. Crepe courtesy of Piperlime
~Totally practical for going Krogering on a Tuesday morning.~

Aviator Small Metal Arista / G-15 XLT
Classic Ray-Ban Aviators

~I'd like this Kohler Pedicure Station installed in my house, thank you.~

Photo courtesy of Coco+Kelley
 ~A 3-day nap in one of these beds would be divine.~

~Love Spring skiing.~

~A little tired of our boring bedroom - want a grown-up room. With pretty things.~

~Been pouring over seed catalogs daily - want flowers and hummingbirds right now!~

~Every Spring, I crave just one more sunny afternoon on the Ohio State University Oval with all of my girls. Sigh~

~ Dead. Sexy.~

~Just want to cuddle and smell one. Just for an hour....tops.~

~Wish our garage looked this tidy.~

~For reading magazines~

Coach Slim Carly Leather Hobo Handbag
~Hello, lover.~

Gabriel & Co. Diamond Starburst Pendant
Gabriel and Co.

~Oh so feminine~

~I wanna go dancing on 80s night. Like, dance so much my legs and feet hurt the next day.~

What about you - whattaya craving?


  1. I'm craving a vacation - but here's my problem - we all want to go to Tahoe - but we like Tahoe in the SUMMER.... we're not the snow and skiing types... so at this point I'm praying that the snow melts from the beaches by August this year!

    I'm craving an 80 degree day.

    Oh - and chocolate!

  2. That put a smile on my face! That was great! I'm craving SIMPLICITY!

  3. Dove Chocolates. Oh so heavenly.


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