I'm not gonna cut off my ear or anything...

But I tell ya - my inner artist is slightly tortured today. I have so many ideas, so many designs, so many colors and fabrics and textures running through my head that I might just go insane.

I've always thought of myself as an artist - I can paint, draw, print, sculpt, sew. I'm very visual, I know my art mediums and I know what I like. And dare I say that I have a photographic memory.
{Wouldn't this make an amazing quilt? Photo courtesy of designerslibrary.typepad.com }
So, with that said, I run into periods of being a bit tortured with what goes on in my head. In addition to all of the icky, baggage-type stuff that I carry around, sometimes my brain goes into almost a Fantasia-like movie with images of project ideas.
The colors and shapes are popping and it all becomes so vivid and clear and gets to a point where it's almost overwhelming. I try to sketch them out as I go so I remember them and get them out, but sometimes I can't keep up and they're lost.

I get very frustrated when this happens. I'm a little PO'd today. I'm sitting here fuming. Wishing my brain would slow down just a tad so I can sort some of this out....

Vincent van Gogh was so tortured and crazy that he cut off his own ear.     ~ His. own. ear.~

Vincent's Chair (1888) by V. van Gogh

I feel ya, Vinny. I'm right there with ya. Well, kinda.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this madness....


  1. I'm not that much of an artist I must admit!!!! And its sounding like a good thing! LOL!

  2. I hear ya, it is crazy! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. I'm really not an artist, but sometimes I get an idea stuck in my head about a quilt, and have to get something drawn up or sewn so that my head will stop spinning with ideas - so I get it, at least a little! And yeah, that image would be an awesome quilt!

  4. "Your not alone in this madness." There ya go :)
    I have both my ears but sometimes I cut my thumbs or fingers by accident with the rotary cutter :)


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