My New Favorite Solid

I'm not a huge consumer of solid-colored fabrics, but when I need it I usually go with Kona. I've used it several times and it's nice - color selection is really great and it's easy to find on the internet.

Last week I went to Fabric Shack {LOVE!} looking for linen. They don't carry linen in the store. I was bummed. So, I thought, well - I don't have to have linen. I guess I could go with a Kona in the color I wanted.

I took my selected color to the cutting counter and the lady there - who has a very direct, almost abrasive manner - says to me, "have you seen the Northcott solids? They have great colors and they feel great. And they're less than $6 a yard!"

Uh - hello?! There's premium quilting fabric for less than $9 a yard? Seriously?  What's the catch?

No catch, people. This fabric is silky and soft and really lovely. The deep navy color that I bought was the perfect shade - not too blue and not too black. And it cuts and sews like a dream.

The colors are a bit more limited than the Kona collection, but there are just as many as Bella and FreeSpirit.

Check it out -
Northcott ColorWorks Premium Solid 9000 - Single Colorway


  1. I love Northcott! It has such a silky feel and it's a Canadian company! :)

  2. Thanks for that...I didn't know about that!

  3. One of the last times I was there they turned me onto the linen look quilters cotton. I'm so in love with it. Love the look and the feel. Went back for more!


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