My Word of the Year


I have issues with bravery. I tend to allow anxiety and fear dictate how things play out for me. My friend Lynn told me the other day that instead of a new year's resolution, she has chosen a word that she will visualize this year to help her focus on positive and meaningful changes in her life.{Her word is TRUE.}

 I love this concept! It was so funny when she told me this, because I had just written myself a little note and posted it next to my desk to motivate me:

So, I'm taking Lynn's idea and applying it to me. Brave. I will be brave this year. I will make bravery a habit. I will be an example of bravery for my children and my friends. And when I feel not-so-brave, I will ask God to help me be brave.

So, what's your word?


  1. My word for the year is Embrace. We have the potential for lots of fast moving change that I want to be able to embrace instead of fight.

    Embrace with Grace

  2. Autumn - good one. Really good one.

  3. We may be on similar paths, my word is FEARLESS.

  4. Very good word, Andie :) Mine is persevere ... you know good ol' stick-to-itiveness (no such word, I know, but ... just sayin') LOL Loved your post on Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure so came over to see you here. I'm sticking around to follow you now. Thanks!

  5. Mine's well I'm not sure...Assertive I guess is as close as I can get. I'm going to put myself out there, and push a little to get what I want. And hopefully not crash and burn spectacularly.

  6. Hello Andie, Just found your blog! Love your little red dress,great idea! I had actually already given myself a "mantra" for 2011,not a word but a few ideas to keep in the forefront. In my "old age" (actual middle age), I am becoming more cranky, and I hate that! So - my main thought for the year is Don't Judge. Best thing is, it works for me as well as for others. Happy sewing!

  7. This is such a good idea. I think mine would have been "brave" last year. I'll have to think of one for this year.


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