Rice Pack for a Friend

My friend Johnna is having surgery in a few days on her "mysterious ladyparts" {Rick Bobby, Talladega Nights} and I wanted to give her something that was both useful and pretty. She's a tad flamboyant - she wears kitten heels everyday and she is always coiffed and put together and almost always has her knockers unapologetically a bit more exposed than needed. She's a talker - she can tell her a story in her Paducah twang and she's got the most adorable laugh and smile.

I used to be a birth doula. One of my tools of the trade was a rice sock - literally a tube sock filled with raw rice that you stick in the microwave and heat up and it stays warm for about 30 minutes. I used it for back labor mostly, right on the sacrum (tailbone). It was an unsightly thing, but boy howdy was it effective and convenient.

I've seen tutorials on making rice packs and I think it's so funny it never occurred to me to make my rice socks pretty! Although...childbirth ain't pretty most of the time and it sure isn't the most sanitary of situations. So, if the rice sock got icky, I could just throw it away.

But - ta da - perfect gift for the post-surgical crowd!

I used some Moda Crossweave, some Alexander Henry scraps for the applique and a scrap of batting for the quilting. (I recommend pre-washing fabric. The chemically smell of new fabric isn't pleasing when heated!) The finished size of this pack is 10 X 5 inches and I used about 2.5 cups of rice. This is a simply constructed "pillow" filled with raw rice.  Easy-peasy.

 And my secret tip for a little something extra?  Herbal tea bags!

Slip in 2-6 tea bags of chamomile, peppermint, rose hip, bergamot, lavender or any fragrant blend of herbs - the little bit of steam that's created when the rice heats up will release the fragrance of the tea bags. Bonus aromatherapy!

Keep Johnna and her family in your prayers - she's nervous as heck.


  1. This is the one and only thing I asked for..for Christmas. I didn't get it! Now I can make me a pretty one. Great idea and the herb bags is ingenious!

  2. Adding the tea is such a great idea!! I'm sure it will be very comforting for your friend.

  3. Nice! Great idea about adding the tea bag, too. -- michele

  4. Brilliant! I've made them cute before but it never occured to me that tea bags could be added in. That's a BIG bonus.

  5. Love the tea idea. I have not figured out the perfect microwave settings for my rice pack, though. It's blazing hot but once it gets perfect it doesn't stay perfect for long. I use it mostly for shoulder pain...free motion quilting is killer. I need to make a big long snake and just wear ricepacks while I am FMQ.

  6. Very pretty. And I recognize that fabric. ;)


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