Tula Pink Bee Block

This is Michelle's February block - a foundational-pieced block with a fussy-cut medallion. It's made with Tula Pink's Parisville line of fabrics and the pattern is based on an Amy Butler quilt.

When I first started hearing about Tula Pink and her new line of fabric a few months ago - I couldn't believe all of the hype! People were counting down the days until it shipped and announcing on Twitter sightings and moments of joy when it had finally arrived in stores. It seemed everyone was falling all over themselves to get their hands on this fabric. It began to get obnoxious - it reminded me of the Beanie Babies gotta-get-'em nightmare.

I have  to admit something. I wasn't a fan of this fabric when I first saw it. It's nice - I do love that it doesn't look like it was computer-generated. The cameos, animals and ships started as drawings - pretty amazing. But the rest was just okay to me. It didn't blow my hair back like it seemed to do with everyone else.

When Michelle announced her block and her fabric - I kinda did a mental eye-roll. Okay - whatever.

Yesterday her package arrived with all of the neatly cut strips. And maybe - just maybe - I kinda like the fabric up close. It's growing on me. A lot.

So - I wanted to share the block with you in pictures. Michelle put an excellent tutorial together on the One Block Over Bee blog and I jumped right into making this big, beautiful block!

She sent us 4 muslin squares that measured 9.5" each and a pile of strips that looks like it totaled around 1/4 to 3/8 yard.

She marked a line in one corner of each block:

Line up the raw edge of first strip, right side facing up. {You will sew along the outside edge of this strip - not the edge that lines up along the line - after placing the second strip down}:

To make sure your strip will cover the muslin edges after sewing, trial fit it by overlapping it 1/4" over the first, right side up. Make sure the ends will hang over the muslin at either end:
Flip this piece over and match outside raw edges. You will be attaching both the first and second pieces with this seam. I suggest pinning both to the muslin after checking again that the first (purple) piece is lined up on the line:

Sew with 1/4" seam on the outside edge of strips - not the edge where the line is. Flip over and iron flat.
See the rotary-cutting gash on my finger? Should have gotten stitches. It was a bad one.
Repeat these steps until the outside corner is covered:

Flip block over and trim:

Flip block over and iron.
Complete the other 3 blocks using the same method. Make sure the strips are varied and look random! Lay out the blocks with muslin to the center to find the best placement. Sew blocks together using 1/4" seam:
This block has a fussy-cut medallion that Michelle has asked us to center and then raw-edge applique. To find the center of this medallion - fold in half and fold in half again - press. Open to reveal creases that will match up with the seams of the pieced large block:

Now - attach the piece with a decorative stitch in a coordinating color. I actually had the exact match to the purple-y/plum color, so I used that and a simple, little leafy-vine stitch.

And here is the finished block! Really, really pretty. Very unique and, I have to admit, slightly worth the hype.

Michelle didn't put a finished block size in her tutorial, so I imagine she'll be trimming these a little. This block measures around 18" square. Really lovely block and a great way to use the stunning cameo as a focal point for this block. Michelle - nice job, lady!

Stop by Michelle's blog to get inspired!


  1. It's beautiful, Andie! Maybe my package will be in the mailbox today...

  2. Yay! Looks fantastic and I'm glad you had fun playing with Parisville! I sort of hate being a quilt nazi on these blocks, but I think the end result is SO going to be worth it :)

  3. Michelle - what are you talking about - a quilt nazi?! I thought you did a great job! Now I'm nervous that it won't measure out right or you'll get it back and be disgusted with my sewing! Oh man - I hope I did it right....

  4. Great post! I thought the medallions looked crazy, too, but centered on these blocks, they are just right. -- michele


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