Pieced Liberated or Maverick Star Tutorial

This block measures 12.25 " unfinished which I will trim to 12"

**For the OBO Ladies- You need {1} center pieced block and {4} pieced blocks for the points.
What you need:
Background Fabric {white in these photos}
Star Fabrics (Any combo of colors for both the center and the points)

{4} 4.5" Squares of background fabric
{4} 5" Squares of background fabric {These will be used for the points}
Assorted cuts/scraps of star fabrics {OBO Ladies: Black in the middle, blue on the points}

Begin with the center block:
I pieced a random design of black and white fabrics and then used a 4.5" square ruler to create my center.
 The top block was pieced like a liberated log cabin and then squared with the ruler. The bottom one was 4 pieces sewn together randomly and then squared with the ruler**. {I would make all of your center pieces for the entire quilt at once - you could even build a large pieced square and cut it down into the 4.5" squares} {OBO ladies just make 1 of these}

4.5" Square Ruler - available at almost every fabric store.

The points of the stars - done here in yummy blue and whites - start with the same concept. Build a 4.5" block by piecing smaller pieces together using the star fabrics.
I made them all at the same time. Cut each block on the diagonal to create triangles. {OBO ladies just make 4 of these}

 Place a triangle, right side down, on one of the 5" blocks. This is an eye-ball process, meaning you're guestimating how pointy or how fat the point will be.
Leave at least 1/4" at the top for seam allowances when putting your quilt together.

Where you line up the bottom point will determine how fat or skinny the point will be be. In the middle or closer to the opposite side will make the point fat and short. Lining it up closer to the inside-middle on it's own side will make it tall and skinny.

 Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance. Trim background fabric to 1/4".

 Flip star fabric over and iron.

Next point - lay it opposite the fixed point you just did. Overlap the bottom a little for the fatter version or don't overlap for the tall skinny version. I chose to overlap.

 Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance and trim background fabric.

Flip star fabric over and iron. This is what the back will look like:

Square it up with the ruler or by hand**.

Sew 2 point blocks to the center block using a 1/4" seam allowance to make the center row.

Then attach {1} point block with {2} 4.5" background pieces to make the top and bottom rows. Attach bottom and top rows to the center row.


** If you don't own a 4.5" ruler, this is how you square by hand:
 Line up top edge of square on the 1-inch line.
 Trim bottom edge to 4.5". Rotate square.
 Line up top and side edges so they are square inside the 1-inch lines of the cutting mat.
 Trim each side 1/4".


  1. So confession time... I'm not a huge fan of your typical maverick star. But now I think I know why - there's not enough visual interest for me. The pieced star points seem to be solving that dilemma for me. My eye wants to travel around to the different points to see the various fabrics used - can't be taken in with just a glance!

  2. That block is so much fun. I love the pieced points! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be linking.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. This is a great block - must try it! :-)

  4. Thanks for the tutorial This is my bee block. I've linked back to your blog for my Quilting Bee friends! (as well as making my own tutorial)


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