A Star for April

April is my month for the One Block Over Bee. Because this is my first bee, I had grand visions of really impressing my bee mates with a super-unique and challenging block, mostly so that they'd be{e} impressed with me. Goofy and shallow, I know. But, hey...at least I'm honest about my attention seeking.

This block is for my daughter, Bugs. Bugs is 13 and she's smack-dab in the middle of seventh-grade girl drama, boy crushes and power struggles with her super-star older brothers. She's truly one of the most talented singers I know - she doesn't just sing...she can sang. Her goals in life right now are:
Swimming the 50m freestyle in under 30 seconds
Getting a certain dreamy boy to fall madly in love with her
Becoming a triple threat {sing, dance, act}.

She's an incredible writer, she loves fashion and she can make a mean after-school bowl of Ramen.
I totally dig her.

So I'm using my block for April to make Bugs a quilt. A star for my star. No, it's not unique - but piecing the center and points makes it more of a challenge that your average star. I'm cool with that.

She picked out all of the fabrics  - can you imagine my delight that she picked out Queen Street by Jennifer Paganelli? She's her mother's daughter,  I guess. So the "Bruise Quilt" gets a fresh and modern face with this block  - can't wait to put it together for her!

Tutorial to come over the weekend or Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!!

{I refuse to use the "W"-word when it comes to this style of sewing a block. It's a "liberated" star, people. According to the dictionary, "wonky" means feeble, shaky, awry, wrong. Is that really the term we should be using to label such delicious and wonderfully creative work? Heck no!}


  1. Awesome, Andi, I love your choice, and this block simply rocks.

  2. Fun block and great idea! I'm impressed!!

  3. I prefer Maverick star, myself. Great colors!

  4. Pretty star! Personally, I don't mind the w-word...but liberated is very nice, too.

  5. Your daughter and my daughter sound like long lost twins. Except mine is 15. And get this - today a guy told her to meet him in the choir room after school. There he presented her with a bunch of roses and sang her a song he wrote for her in which he asked her to the prom.

    Shoot me now.

    This kid has her number....and I have the shivers over my 10th grader going to prom with a senior.

    Shoot me again.

  6. Love this block. I'm impressed and I'm sure your bee friends will be too!

  7. The bruise quilt ... I love it! Your daughter sounds like a totally cool chick and I bet she'll end up with an equally as cool quilt.

    I'm with you on the "W" word too.


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