Wall Art and Bag Making

I've been doing so much sewing lately that I've ignored my blog. I'm so sorry, my lovlies! Today, I'll let you in on some of the stuff I'm working on...

Months ago, our Cincy Mod Quilt Guild did a log cabin block swap {I refuse to use the word w*nky} and I got 8 blocks from members and made 4 more for use as an art piece in my Living Room.  So I'm doing some heavy concentric square quilting of this piece to then stretch it over a frame for hanging over my yummy white couch. So excited to see how this turns out!

And have you seen this book? Aw. Some. I ordered it to get a little bit more of an education of bag construction so I could tweak my super-secret bad patterns {which have been put on hold until some of my other project gets pushed through} and it did not disappoint!

Great visuals, great instructions, great explanation of bag construction and hardware.

This is Lisa Lam - isn't she just adorable?! She's British and slightly cheeky - you can hear her voice through out the book, as if she's standing over your shoulder. She's an active Twitter gal and  - yes - I have groupie tweeted her. Okay?
{Yes I know that the text in these photos is blurry. I'm not up on current copyright laws and such, so my unsteady hand with the camera is actually protection in case I unknowingly violate some International law!}
Great instructions on installing a hidden zipper - something that looks so polished and professional is actually not as difficult as it may seem.

Great book - good for those with sewing experience. You'll never want to buy another purse or bag again!


  1. And now I need to get this book!

  2. Never apologize for too much sewing! I'm with you on the word w@*nky too. Like the look but hate saying it when describing a quilt.

    Can't wait to see all your supercool bags :)

  3. BUSY! I love it! ;-) hey cutie! have a great day! looks like you did!

  4. WoW! You create wonderful things. writing custom I want to get this book and create such fabulous things as you do.


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