Cuteness x 2

 I made these bibs for my cousin Amanda's little girl. They're backed with chenille and super-cute! I found the pattern here and then added my pre-washed creamy chenille. This isn't my idea - I've seen tons of these bibs out there. I do have a tip when making these:

Cut out the bib from your FRONT fabric using the pattern. DO NOT use the pattern to cut the chenille - rather cut a rectangle large enough to cover the bib, sew right sides together using a 1/4" seam using the bib as your guide, leaving an opening for turning, and then trim the chenille to the shape of the bib after stitching. {The chenille rolls and moves a lot when stitching, so to make it easier and more precise, do yourself a favor and trim off the chenille after you sew.} Turn right side out and edgestitch all the way around {and close the turning opening}.

Fabric is Jennifer Paganelli. The yellow one is my all-time favorite of hers. So vintagelicious!

 And my little cottage that I made for the Bumble Beans "Something From Nothing Mini Quilt Swap".  It turned out pretty cute! The FMQ on the blue sky is a hot mess, but I'm glad I gave it a try - will definitely try it more. This is going to my secret partner on Monday!


  1. I like the black binding...it's a really cute mini.

    I do the same thing (only cutting one part to pattern, the other I trim after sewing) but I have never seen someone not use any binding...I like that idea. My SIL is expecting and I will most definitely make these. What type of closure is on the bib?

  2. Love the bibs...very cute. I've never sewn chenille before but now I kind of want to try.
    Your dol quilt turned out cute. I especially like the flowers around the bottom of the house.

  3. It's not a hot mess..I like it!

  4. Mary-
    It's a velcro closure. I think the pattern calls for a snap closure, but I like velcro - easier to install.

  5. Hey, we are on the same page as I'm sewing bibs right now too!! I never thought of not cutting out the backing...you are genius!! Love them...and the house!!

  6. Oh those bibs are ADORABLE...and look so easy! I'm going to have to make a few and hope someone I know has a baby to give them to! :)

  7. Love, love the house. And isn't our Cincinnati sky the true hot mess thee days! According to Lois Jean Grebowski, we are getting another dose of hot mess tonight.

  8. Love that mini quilt..the flowers are gorgeous! The whole thing is just..beautiful.

    FMQ..it's good. Don't beat yourself up. I wish I had the guts to even try it.


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