Garden Inspiration and Prepping For Int'l Quilt Festival

Today the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom and the woodpeckers have resumed their assault on the telephone pole in the front of my house. There's a smattering of tulips, hyacinth and daffodils in the yard and the grass will need to be cut in the next few days. I love spring! There's a line in a movie that I heard once - I don't remember what movie - but it was along the lines of:

"Spring comes, with its vibrant colors and feeling of rebirth, and takes us by surprise every time."

And isn't that how it is? Every year, it's always the same - even though you watch for the signs, it's almost like you forget just how magical it is to watch dormancy and death blossom into new life. Magical.

So, today I'm thinking about my gardens - specifically what I'm going to plant in my gardens and what, if anything, will be ripped out. Gardening is a lot like quilting and sewing. There are rules and methods that are based on science for healthy plants, but as far as designing a garden to be visually pleasing - well, composition, color, tone, value and texture are key ingredients! And the same is true for quilting and sewing.

I've been perusing seed catalogs and surfing google images for ideas. Here are some inspirational pics of things that I want in the garden this season: 

Clematis - White Abundance. My grandmother had
a huge vine of this in her backyard. I should have gotten some of
it from her house after she passed.

White Swan Coneflower
Lavender - a whole garden of mixed species. Can you smell it now?

Lettuces - first time trying them.


Hubby is required to build raised beds if he wants to plant
another big garden. Because I say so.


Wisteria on the trellis that hubby built for me.

Knockout Roses...everywhere. Love these low-maintenace stunners!
 But no red. I'm not a red flower kind of girl.


Hubby is going to re-do the garden stone path.

Our grass...is pretty sucky. Hubby means business this season on the lawn.

Hostas are one of my favorites - I want a whole bed of every variety I can find
{and afford!}

Going out today and cleaning beds and putting up the peony supports. I love digging in the dirt!!

And tomorrow night, I'm going to the movie premier of Stitched at the International Quilt Festival! Can't wait to see it! And then Saturday I'm going back to see the quilts. This is the first big quilt show I've been to and I'm incredibly excited to see the craftsmanship and the spectrum of work. I promise to take a ton of pictures and get as much inside scoop as possible!

Anybody have any tips or suggestions for me for the show?
Anything you want me to find out, people I need to introduce myself to {stalk}? Booths I just HAVE to check out?


  1. Those pictures are inspirational! Have fun at the quilt show! And I'm glad you like the quilting on your quilt..that make me feel soooo good!

  2. I love your photos! The only suggestion I have for QM is to take an extra pair of REALLY COMFORTABLE walking shoes! There is a lot of territory to cover. Have fun! Judy

  3. Great garden inspirations! You're so lucky to have the QF right in your backyard! I hope you'll post photos.

  4. Thanks for all the eye candy today! I have a large hosta garden that I planted 3 years ago using dry roots. If you can find these, they are much much cheaper so you can get more bang for your buck. It takes about 3 years to get them really large, but worth the wait. I've been to the IQS in Houston....you may want to go back another day just for the shopping......I'm just saying! It's hard to see it all in one day.Have fun!!

  5. I got your package yesterday...can't wait to dig in this weekend.

    Loving the spring pics today!

  6. I'll be curious to know what you think about "Stitched" - the only way I'll see it is, I think, to buy the DVD for $20. Which I'll do if you rave!

  7. Take money for notions! I was not impressed with the fabric selections (that is so accessible online and the prices were mostly the same) but I was blown away at the savings on notions. Go see Charlie the Olfa mat man and make sure you get a 12000 yd spool of cotton piecing thread. Be careful buying unbranded quilting thread, though. Take your scissors if you need a sharpening...they should have a booth for that.

  8. Love all the gardening goodness. Yay for inspiring pictures!


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