Int'l Quilt Festival Cincinnati - Part 1

Okay - so "I" figured out how to load my pictures last night! Only I have no editing software yet!
I'm sure it goes without saying that a picture of these beautiful quilts could never convey the beauty, craftsmanship and general splendor.  And unless you've been to a show of this caliber - you can't know just how downright humbling, exhilarating and emotional it is. As my friend Mary says - it's hard not to totally geek out when you first enter the show.

Susan Shie. These quilts depicted a lot of the quilter's spirituality and political interests. The writing tells a story - all hand-written and painted.  Some were heavily embellished and some were just painted and stitched. Really powerful, yet weird in a good way.

Love these pieced tulips. A lot of the more contemporary stuff is painted, so it was nice to see a pieced , almost scrappy-looking floral quilt.

Again, this is pieced. It's very Impressionistic in style - it's a mess up close, but really, really beautiful from a few feet away.

This is only a part of a quilt that was hanging in a booth that was run by a group that promoted Ohio quilting and quilt-related events. I couldn't get the whole thing because it was behind a table, but it was massive and beautiful.

I was so struck by how something so ordinary {and even eye-sore-ish} could be turned into something so beautiful and interesting.

This piece BLEW MY MIND. It was so amazingly gorgeous and delicious. So much depth and interest just using black and white. Amazing.

My friend Lynn really, really wanted to see this quilt - she had seen it in the paper the day before and thought it looked like one of her daughters. We were both thrilled to meet the quilter, Hiroko Miyama from Japan, when we finally found the quilt. It was so exquisite - this quilt is PIECED!! Look at the dog - unbelievable. The little girl in this quilt is Hiroko's granddaughter. {This is when I cried just a little bit.}

Love the colors and simplicity.

This quilt was so cool - I tried to take a picture of how uniquely pieced this thing was. Layered pieces that formed concentric circles - yum.

A delicious spin on a Double Wedding Ring.  So fun and whimsical with a nod to tradition. LOVE.

This quilt was so bright and cheerful.

All made from small yo-yos and painted. So cute.

Trapunto quilting on a blue and white traditional quilt. This thing was HUGE! Oh man - just beautiful.

"Stitched" filmmaker Jena and her sidekick.

Loved this one. It felt more like a painting than a quilt. This was part of an exhibit that featured words.


again - needless to say these photos could never convey how amazing this work is. More photos and stories to come in Part 2.


  1. Thanks for posting! SO bummed the IQF is no longer in Rosemont, IL....will have to travel for it one of these years.

    I REALLY miss the vendors the most!!

  2. Oh magosh. Love everything you posted.The cherry blossom girl is my favorite favorite. Usually I think photoreal quilts of humans are creepy but she did a wonderful job making her look real but not creepy.

    Love every one of them. I am sufficiently inpsired.

    PS, I use picasa/picnik for photo editing for free. Have you tried those?

  3. I've been to the IQF in Long Beach each year, and I'm constantly amazed by the workmanship (or is that workwomanship?) that goes into some of these quilts. While the styles don't usually mesh with what I'm wanting to do, I can greatly appreciate the time and talents (not to mention materials) that go into these quilts.

    I was actually disappointed the last time because it seemed like the vendor mall grew to the detriment of the exhibits... I do love to shop, but that's not why I come!

  4. I'd love to go to a show of that size and caliber! How exciting. In light of the fact that I can't make it, I'm very happy that you're so willing to share. ^^ Yay amazing quilts!

    BTW the one pattern you refer to as double wedding ring... I think it could actually be a modern spin on Pickle Dish too... either way, they're rather similar.

  5. Jenn- Yes! Since I'm obsessed with Double Wedding Ring quilts, it didn't even occur to me that this could also be a wonky pickle dish! That's probably what it is - I just love it! Good call.


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