Int'l Quilt Festival Cincinnati: Part 2

I'm still pretty geeked out by all of the luciousness that was the IQF in Cincy. The vast majority of the exhibit had photography restrictions, so this of course is just a fraction of what we saw.

This piece was mesmerizing - it had so much going on! So stunning.

Totally cool. Quilting was perfection.  by Joyce Seagram.

Okay - this quilt didn't knock my socks off. I really just wanted to get a picture of the one quilt that didn't intimidate me. It was the ONLY quilt in the show that I thought I could've made. by Joyce Seagram.

But the quilting was perfect. Perfect. I don't know that my quilting would have been perfect.

This one was so cute and very imaginative. It's a tooth fairy. It had dental tools stitched into it! by Pamela Allen.

Loved the playful take on a very traditional aesthetic. It's a hybrid of dresden, drunkards' path and single girl. So lovely and playful. {Didn't get the name or quiltmaker}

This quilt  was MASSIVE! It's made entirely of yo-yos! {Sorry about the bad photo - I had a squatter who wouldn't get out of my way.} by Manon Gagliardi

This quilt is made of 1/2" square. I would guess it's a generous twin size. It's hand pieced and quilted and circa 1880.

Close up of above quilt. 1/2" squares, people. Think about that.

A yummy Kaffe Fassett that was in a vendor booth.

I literally ran into this lady in a booth and just went ga-ga for her bag!! She made it fom laminated Tula Parisville fabric that she quilted in a grid pattern. She was so proud of that bag! And it was stuffed full of her shopping goodies.

I could only get a picture of one block of this quilt because it was stuffed into a rack with other vintage quilts. The lady who ran the booth was a little crotchety, so I was afraid to dig it out and photograph the whole thing. But the red and white was so perfect - really crisp and clean. And the quilting is perfect for this block.

A whole stack of vintage feed sacks. Almost bought one....should have.

Lynn and I thought this lady was a Cincinnati cop on her break just looking around. It wasn't until I got up close that I saw her badge. She's the quilt police. Get it?

This picture is from the walkway over the convention center.

Already looking forward to next year's show. IQF has signed a 3 year commitment to stay in Cincinnati - so hope it does well here!


  1. Oh I could gush about nearly all of those! So amazing. I love the dresden plate one (which is funny cause it's so not me). That 1/2" square insanity is something I'd like to tackle one day (actually have already started) but it's nice to see one done! Love them all - thanks for sharing!

  2. Lucky!!! Those are some amazing quilts!

  3. Wowsers! Gorgeous!!Thanks for sharing, Andie.

  4. These are all amazing but that 1/2 inch square one just boggles my mind. Wow!

  5. OMGoodness! I want to go with you next year!!! Do you know the dates?? I'll totally block them off right now!

  6. We had a great time..I made my entire family look at quilt pictures...they actually indulged me too..that's love

  7. Andi, may I do a blog entry for our Chicago Modern Quilt Guild about your past three blog entries? We were pretty sad about losing the International Quilt Show, but your entries were a fabulous armchair visit. I would just introduce you, mention the Cincinnati guild, and provide links to all.

    Excellent photos. Especially loved the Quilt Police!


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