Rain, Rain...Go Away

I can't believe what's going on with the weather. How heartbreaking is it for all of those who have lost loved ones, their homes, their churches, their businesses? Joplin, MO - oh my goodness. Heartbreaking.

And around here, storm after storm. I've never seen so much rain in my life! And for the last few days, huge storms here that knocked out power for large portions of my village. My cable/internet has been out since Tuesday night. Last night, huge storms did heavy damage to surrounding neighborhoods - huge trees and telephone poles just snapped right in half.

I was over at our swim club today helping clean up. Trees were knocked down and awnings were ripped off of their frames. Leaves and sticks were everywhere. As I was cleaning, I was listening to the screaming of chainsaws and the grinding of the huge chippers in the yards all around the pool I had a thought:
I can't imagine what the people who lost their homes and communities are going through. We'll clean up our yards and repair the minor damage to our homes here in SW Ohio. But what about those whose entire city was wiped out? Oh man. I just can't imagine how to begin picking up the pieces. My prayers are with all of them.

So, I'm shifting gears to focus on some happy stuff. Just want to share some goodies I've had the joy of receiving over the last couple of weeks.

For the Cincy Mod Quilt Guild pillow swap, Holly made this for me. Isn't it great? She's incredibly talented and creative. Can't wait to stuff it.

Jennifer Paganelli {love her!} sent me some of her laminate fabric and told me to make something! I am so totally geeked out that she would be so kind to send me this! Haven't decided what to make yet, but I'm thinking along the lines of either a picnic blanket or a few totes and cosmetic bags.

I took part in the Something From Nothing Mini Quilt Swap organized by Victoria of Bumble Beans. This is what my partner Ellen made for me! Isn't it sweet?! Love the colors and the decorative stitching.

I ordered some sale fabrics from LolaPink to build my stash. And sweet Janet threw in a few extra cuts for me. I totally dig her - she's the best.

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  1. wow, what a lucky duck! great scores :)

    The whole Joplin thing blows my mind a bit more than the Alabama tornadoes last month because I know people that live there (everyone is safe & their homes are intact, thankfully). After these past couple of months, I think I might be deciding that tornadoes are scarier than earthquakes. Quakes are still scary in their unpredictability, but a tornado leaves an amazing amount of destruction in a matter of seconds.


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