Scenes From My Weekend

My baby boy went to prom with his friend (they're just friends, we were told a thousand times). I thought I'd get choked up taking pictures and seeing him in his tux and driving off in my car, but I was surprisingly okay with everything. I was worried, however, about him driving everyone downtown Cincinnati where the prom was held, but they made it down and back safely. My car, however, was assaulted by a hit and run in the parking garage. See the white streaks on the driver side bumper? Hoping the parking garage has video surveillance...

We worked in the yard, cleaned out flower beds, swept up all the of the little helicopter seeds from the maple trees in the backyard and hubby finished the steps on the back deck. Our backyard is still in need of a lot of cleaning up, but it looks much better today. We still need to clean out the pond, which is a smelly, nasty job, and buy some fish to eat the mosquitoes that lay their eggs in the water. Hopefully the rain will hold off for the next week so we can finish up all of our projects!

Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

Joseph's Coat Rose up close. It starts as a coral-colored bud and opens to yellow and pink . And they're very fragrant!

The flower bed right outside our backdoor - cleaned up and waiting for some annuals and a few new perennials The birdbath is copper and was a gift from the in laws - love it.

Clematis, lamb's ears and Stella D'Oro lilies

The plants around the pond are mostly shade lovers - hostas, bleeding hearts and ajuga.

One of my favorites - Spiderwort.

New steps on the back deck.

And more importantly - our family is praying for all the people affected by this weekend's terrible weather. Please keep the families who lost loved ones, their homes and their communities in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Her prom dress is "classy gorgeous"!

  2. The white tux looks classy! And his date is cute too (and not trashy, which is what I feel like the selection is geared toward nowadays)

  3. Wonderful weedend scenes for you except for the hit and run! Arg! (My daughter just had the same thing happen last week in a parking lot....wonder how people live with themselves?) The tornados were all around us the last few days....so scary and sad!

  4. I still don't believe you...you aren't old enough to have a son in high school!!


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