Vintage Fabric Score and A Fabric Dyeing Experiment

During our trip to the Edgewater Antique Mall in Chicago over the weekend, I scored 3 1/2 yards of this yummy fabric!! It's only 36" wide selvedge to selvedge, but it's so darn cute and cheery! I just love it!

There's no printing on the selvedge, so I have no idea who the maker or the date might be. It feels rough - not a tight weave at all, so it's either cotton or a cotton/linen blend.

I've been thinking a lot about learning how to dye my own fabrics. I've been reading about dyes and mordants and natural dyes and painting with dye. I'm really interested in learning enough to try it. But in a moment of  curiosity the other night I grabbed the turmeric {about 2T} from the pantry and a few scraps of pure white linen and threw them together with some warm water {about 3c} and let it sit overnight in a glass bowl.

The white fabric is what I started with.
 And this is what I got! It's a very vivid gold color - very warm and yummy. I'm going to heat set the pieces with an iron and then run them thru the wash to see what happens. I'll let you know


  1. OK, who has that much turmeric lying around? Andie Johnson...keepin it spicy.

    You should totally try koolaid. That stuff is color napalm.

  2. Vintage fabric is really cute! Looking forward to seeing how well the turmeric sets. I also agree with The Tulip Patch, koolaid is great for easy dyeing.

  3. I will be interested in learning more about your turmeric fabric dyeing. Will it fade or run? I'll stay posted.


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