Bee Block for Andrea

 Andrea has the month of June for our OBO Bee. She's an uber creative gal - she seems like someone I'd totally want to hang with.
Andrea's block is inspired by the work of  painter Ton Schulten. Um, wow. Love the super-saturated colors of his work. His landscapes walk the line between abstract and expressionist and the absolute harmony in his composition, quite frankly, makes me a little giddy. This is what I love about being involved in a virtual community. I would have never known of this artist had I not been in this bee.
Love. It.

This is the package I got from Andrea. She asked us to use sundrenched colors along with shadow colors to create a sun/shade block in an improvisational, abstract way. Sound intimidating? Uh, yeah. I didn't touch this project until the other day - almost 3 weeks after I got it. Victoria jumped right in and made her block, for she seems fearless. I'm pretty sure the rest of us were waiting for a brave soul to go first, as a guinea pig of sorts, to give us all an idea of how to tackle this thing.

The colors on the left are the sun-kissed colors and the colors on the right are the shadows. Andrea included a picture of Ton's art for inspiration. She asked that we piece it with chunky, linear shapes and to leave it unsquared.

I ended up making two blocks, mostly because she sent so much fabric. I think I like them. I mean, I like them, but I dont' like like them. But......

...when I put them together on the design wall...I fell in love. Can you imagine an entire quilt like this?! I cannot wait to see this thing put together. I think it will be amazingly wonderful and incredibly unique.

Thank you, Andrea! Thank you for challenging me and opening my eyes to new possibilities!!


  1. Your blocks are beautiful...Love the colors and the artist inspiration!

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  3. Holy Moley! I didn't think ANYONE knew this painter! He's an absolute favorite of mine (got a thing for lowland artists and musicians, what can I say??). So neat Andie!


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