How to Eat a Dragonfruit

So the kids and I went on a food shopping adventure at our local foodie amusement park, Jungle Jim's. This grocery paradise is within walking distance from my house - theoretically. {I don't walk much as I live in the suburbs} It's a regular grocery store on steroids. It has a vast selection of international foods, all labeled by country.  And the ginormous produce section and the juice bar and the health food section and the honey - yes, honey- sections will blow your mind. The seafood department is unbelievable - huge tanks filled with live trout, lobsters and tilapia along with every kind of fresh or frozen seafood you can imagine.

There are 4 aisles of soda. Four! Soft drinks from all over the country and world in every flavor you can imagine. There's a hot sauce aisle, some of which have $500 price tags on them. The Jungle also has a cooking school, a kitchen store, a post office and a pharmacy, not to mention clothing, floral and gift stores {which are amazingly affordable and cute} People come from all over the Midwest to shop here and the Jungle is usually a stop when visiting Cincinnati. Tour groups are a common {and sometimes annoying} site.

I digress. I would love to show you photos of this food mecca, but Jungle Jim doesn't allow photography inside the store. And since I respect him and his commitment to our community, I respect the rules.

We went shopping today to get some deli stuff and ended up staying for an hour just looking around. I would say we visit this store at least once a week, but usually it's to run in to get something we need or to do a "big grocery shop" which doesn't allow me time to venture too far off of my shopping list. But today, we lingered and looked.

And found this:
A dragonfruit.

It reminds me of this:
Amy Butler's Peacock Feathers, which I have in my stash, thankyouverymuch.

We set about learning how to cut up this beautiful Asian fruit by Googling it.

First, cut in half lengthwise

Insert a spoon in between the rubbery, bright pink skin and the white spotted flesh...

...working your way all the way around.

Lift flesh from skin and place on cutting board.

Dice into 1/2 to 1" cubes

And place cubes back into the halves to serve.

Dragonfruit has the taste and texture of kiwi fruit. Mild, slightly sour, lightly sweet and a bit of crunch with the tiny black seeds. All in all it's refreshing and pleasant. This would be a real showstopping addition to a fruit salad or served alone for a light summer dessert!

Back to sewing...


  1. Love Jungle Jim's. Have to make trips down there occasionally because its the only place in Ohio I can find the type of soap I use in my homemade laundry detergent...in the Mexican section. Plus its just fun.We let the kids pick out an "exotic" snack and drink to try each time....and I love their jalpeno cheese bread. Yum.

  2. i love dragon fruit. there are so many different types of tropical fruits to try! my favorite though is what we call 'king of fruits' in the Southeast Asia region -- the durian! but to the uninitiated it is not exactly the best. :)


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